'I' of the Beholder

When we talk about ourselves; we usually refer to ourselves in the first person as 'I'. When you really stop and look at it; there is more than one perspective of 'I'.

We have spoken of the significance of the eye of the beholder. But to go a little deeper; the eye of the beholder is a combination of 'I's. It is the 'I' of the ever present observer. It is also the 'I' of the egoic mind.

The 'I' of the observer is the first 'I'. It is the awareness of reality before you are able to label or judge the experience. It is alertness. It is attention. It is conscious intelligence without identity.

The 'I' of the ego is the secondary 'I'. It is the identity created by the ego. It is second because you must first experience reality before the ego has anything to react to. It is what allows you to form an opinion of a situation. It determines whether your experience is considered good or bad. It is the list of things required for well being that the ego identifies with. It is the 'I' that adds the story to the fact of what happened.

Most people identify with the secondary self; the egoic self; for the majority of their life experience. A lot of people never seriously ask themselves the question, “Who am I?

People suffer because they mistake themselves for their thoughts. It is the egoic mind that is the root of all stress. It causes stress by resisting reality as it decides what is happening is wrong.

When you can feel the isness of the moment without the commentary from the egoic mind; you are feeling your presence as the true 'I' of the beholder.

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