The Power You Already Have

There is no doubt among anyone around that we do not know the full capabilities of our minds. We are still a huge mystery to ourselves. We are still becoming self aware. You will not find a scientific study supporting the fact that we have learned all there is to know about our brains, bodies, and the consciousness that animates everyone.

There is, on the other hand, a mountain of evidence to show us that we possess an extraordinary amount of power over ourselves and our surroundings. It is a power that is always there. It is a power that goes unnoticed and unused unless it is given attention. It is the power of your focus.

This power can be brought out through several different techniques. You have hypnosis, self hypnosis, visualization, and breathe control to name a few. For some excellent and actual demonstrations of this power at work, check out Natural Mystery. Excusing the ad, you can watch it right now.

The depth to which we can affect our reality is boundless. That being acknowledged, the first steps to actually take control of this power; the power of your focus; is to learn how to hit the off switch on the chatter box mode of your mind. (Most people literally can not stop thinking when they want to.) To shift from the ego identity to that of the present observer quiets the mind and allows it to be used at a much higher capacity. It is when you are in the space of the present moment that the power of your focus can be gathered and amazing things can take place.

To find out more about the power of your focus, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


bometernally said...

Yeah and that shift occurs so profoundly when one sits to meditate. After watching the whirlings of the mind for a while & not being attached to it...One begins to notice the power of stillness & the fact that one is going deeper within. It is a powerful experience that you don't even want to move. When one is finished meditating that state stays with you for a while

C. Om said...

Indeed. The more aware you are of yourself and the stillness with in; the more you are able to percieve and the longer you can maintain this feeling.
Thanks for your insight Bhadra.

*** said...

This dramatic video portrays the human/mental route to 'power'. I must say I found it somewhat terrifying. I think I'll stick with with the spiritual route -tapping One Mind (power) through love and not a great challenge of the flesh. Blessings, all.

C. Om said...

I understand your interpretation of the video. I do think it is all part of the spiritual realm as the realm of the unseen is all inclusive and includes our physical world. It does go on to show various other ways that the mind transcends our reality. There are actually other episodes on the same link that you may find more suitable to watch. I, myself, am ever amazed and marvel at the possibilities of our consciousness.
Thanks for the comment SS.