It's All Good Intention - It's All God Intention

'We are one
.' Though the statement with in itself seems to be another paradox; there is an absolute truth to be realized with in it if you can experience the depth of meaning.

If everything and everyone are all one, then we must all have something in common. This element that we all share would have to be something major to negate the things that seem to separate us. If we are all part of a single universal intelligence (some call it "God" or "God’s plan"); then it would seem only right to conclude that we all move with a common intention.

So do we? Does everything in existence have the same intention? Do we all have a common aim despite the countless ways we differ in expressing this? YES. Though it may seem to be a contradiction; we all share 'good' intentions.

The only reason why it may seem as if we are all out for different things, is a matter of perspective. If you actually break down every motivation to the root; you will end up with the same thing all the time. This is a feeling best described by many words since words really cannot express it. It is often described as love, peace, joy, beingness, stillness, intoxication, bliss, ecstasy, and aliveness; just to name a few.

Of course a lot of people would say that the root of all motivation would have two causes as opposed to one. These would be 'love' or 'fear'. But the cause of fear is really feeling a lack of love. This feeling is still a motivation to move toward love. Love is the root of all intentions.

The ego's perspective is the reason for fear. As much as the ego's dysfunctional perspective is talked about; it still has a good intention. We've all heard, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." This accurately describes the ego's M.O. It's purpose is to provide a physical identity for the mind to serve and protect. The reason for the dysfunction is the ego's limited perspective. The way the ego identifies with ideas that are separate from your physical self causes all stress and disassociation from the present moment. The ego chooses a single position to take on reality and therefore limits perspective and polarizes identity.

If all intention stems from one source; why is it considered 'good'? (The answer is a question.)How could it be considered anything else? It is no coincidence that the word 'good' is 'God' with an extra 'o'. It is all within the grand plan of the Creator and whether we are conscious of it or not, we all move together for the betterment of the whole. We are one.

For a more in depth look at good intentions, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


*** said...

Very interesting... I've never heard anyone 'dissect' this in quite this way.

Everything can always be reduced to simplist terms: life = love = God. But what I think most people miss in the reckonig our our Oneness is the obvious.. that is our true reason for being.

If everyone could come to realize that we are here to grow and understand...evolve as spiritual beings having a human experience and not here exclusively to 'achieve' and 'excel' from an earthly, materialistic perspective - the concept of unity would be quite clear. All of this even if one does not grasp the concept of separation of self and ego, per se.

This is another take, but not so eloquent as yours.



bometernally said...

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!...I just love how you - The Divine Intelligence in you - explained the statement 'We are one'. It is in the same line of thought that 'in the beginning' everything was created from nothing (The Divine Creator or God). Everything is made up of the same substance - Divine Consciousness. That is one way to 'see' how everything has that commonality. And yes we are all of that same consciousness vibrating at different levels all with the common intention you speak of.

Again Bravo and thank you for your words

C. Om said...

You are absolutely right, SS. To 'achieve' and 'excel' from an earthly materialistic perspective is such a narrow view of the whole.

The depth of my view continues to deepen, the more I look.

Thanks for the feedback.

C. Om said...

Thank you! I appreciate the warm reception to the message that comes through me. Though seeing life from this perspective is it's own reward; sharing it with others who appreciate it is even more rewarding!

Thanks for the feedback Bometernally.

Anonymous said...

Very good presentation of 'we all share good intentions.' Knowing and feeling that we're all seeking the same thing is already a great thing. "The answer is a question" in your last paragraph: the best answers are often questions, as we already knnow, even if unconsciously, the real answer.

C. Om said...

Exactly right! We often already know the answers to life's great questions (even if only subconsciously). Coming to recognize and realize them is more like getting reaquainted with an old friend, than meeting a total stranger.

I appreciate your insight Codakiz.