Who Are You? [Part II]

We have talked about the subject of identity pretty often because it is so relative. It is our identity that determines our whole perspective and outlook on life. Who you think you are, or who you know you are, really dictate the way you interpret your experience of life. Whether you are happy or depressed is all because of how things are going for you at the time. It is your experience of life in the moment that determines your identity.

This can be illustrated by the questions asked in "Who Are You?" If you seriously came up with any answers for these questions; you may come to realize that you are the focus of your attention more than your description.

Take a good look at how your awareness works. Whatever you are giving your attention to at any given moment is more of who you are at that moment than who you see when you look in the mirror. In other words, the very essence of who you are is also where you are. (See Where're You At? ) Who you are in this moment, and where your head is at in this moment, are synonymous. The essence of your life can not be separated from your experience of life because they are one in the same.

This does not mean that all you are is what you perceive. As a matter of fact, you are all that you perceive and the infinite possibilities that you don't. Realizing your true identity is not an experience of limitation. It is actually an experience of tremendous freedom because you realize that limits are all ultimately illusions.

This may sound very abstract or far fetched to some people. That's fine. The point is not for you to believe any of this. It is simply for you to sincerely take a good look at the way you work.

Who are you? Really.

To get more in depth on the subject, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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