Life is Like a Dream

In many ways, life is a lot like a dream. The dream and the dreamer are one. People are the sources of their dreams. Without realizing that it is in their mind's eye that the dream is generated; people get lost in the temporary "reality" of the dream. They really do go through all the emotions and sensations; the ups and downs of the ride; forgetting that it is a part of them. We forget that we are the architects of the ride to begin with.

Whether your current life situations are very pleasant or more like a nightmare; you are the source of your experience. This can be illustrated at the very basic level of two people having opposite experiences with the same situation. The interpretation of the situation created a different experience.

Creating our own experience can also be seen at an even deeper and more abstract level. The overall frequency or vibrations of a person's most common thoughts and feelings can actually attract the subject of their feelings into physical being in their lives. Many people have heard this principle described as the Law of Attraction.

If you have ever heard of or understand what lucid dreaming is; you may see even more of a connection between waking life and dreaming. In life, the more self aware and conscious you are; the more "awakened" you are. To rise to a higher state of consciousness in life is very similar to rise to a higher state of consciousness in a dream. For example; when having a lucid dream, the dreamer becomes aware that they are having a dream. This awareness actually grants them the power to change what they want and experience what they want in their dream. In waking life; the closer your perspective is to that of your true consciousness (the ever present observer), the more power you have over your waking experience.

There is actually a movie called, "Waking Life," that illustrates many of these connections. Check it out if you are interested. You can watch it now without a download.

For more on the transformative powers of "awakening," read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


*** said...

Do you know... is there a connection between how awakened one is and that of one's awareness he is dreaming during sleep?

Lately, I have been aware I am dreaming and have been attempting to manipulate those dreams. I have not deliberately set out to engage in 'lucid dreaming' when going to sleep. Curious...

C. Om said...

I have not researched and collected empirical evidence. But from the books and info I've come across on the subject; I'd definitely say 'yes'. Even if the awareness level doesn't seem to carry over, we are beings of consciousness. The world, inside or out, is defined by your consciousness. I'm still uncovering the mystery myself.

Appreciate the comment SS.