Shatter Proof

Having a goal or a vision; having hopes and dreams are great. They feel good and give us a sense of purpose. Having certain beliefs can also be comforting and keep you feeling good. But what about when hopes get dashed and dreams get shattered? What about when old perspectives and beliefs are proven invalid? How can life be good then?

Have you ever had your dreams shattered? Has your life ever been in shambles? Has the person you are, or who you wanted to be, been suddenly taken away? If so, you know what it feels like for the image of your identity to be shattered.

I, myself, have been through my share of identity shattering experiences. As a result, I learned to let go of attachments to things that are not shatter proof. Looking back on things now; it is easy to see, I was actually letting go of ego identifications.

Life is a great teacher and will continue to test you. The result of accepting and adapting to these tests is a rewarding growth and shift in perspective. Life has a great way of shattering views and perspectives that are limited in value.

What is really shattered is the ego identity. You can't shatter what is. You can't shatter the ever present observer. The essence of your consciousness is shatter proof. The closer you bring your daily perspective to that of the observer; the more you are in touch with what is. The more shatter proof your peace of mind becomes.

To find out how to be shatter proof, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


*** said...

It feels like we are all about to experience a great test of our "shatterproofness".

Loving light and hope to all during the birthing of the new age.

bometernally said...

Again, I love your inspiration. Great commentary.

It would be great to even learn of what experiences you had as an example of what was shattered & how you grew personally. I think we all have enough that we could write a book about them

C. Om said...

Indeed. This great test can be seen as a a 'good' thing in the sense that the path of light might shine more clearly for most. There are no accidents and no coincidences.

Thanks for the insightful comment SS.

C. Om said...

Thank you for your comment Bhadra. I do have many more books to write. Stay tuned! :-)

Anonymous said...

What's shattered but what is already fragmented? Very nice distinction/comparison in this post between what is and what is not 'shatter proof.' (codakiz)

C. Om said...

Absolutely! 'Fragmented' is an excellent way to describe what is not 'shatter proof'. If it can be seen as seperate and fragmented it is part of the illusion that is shattered.

Thanks for the insight Codakiz.