Everyday Wisdom

What is wisdom? How do you get to be wise? It's safe to say you don't get wise by just learning facts. No one considers people wise just because they took a course, learned a skill, or even got a degree. This simply earns you the title of educated. So what is wisdom and how do you get it?

Wisdom is conceptual knowledge plus experience. You can learn how to ride a bike or drive a car conceptually. You can learn how it works and how to control it by watching. It is totally different to actually have the experience of doing it. No one can give you wisdom. You can only gain it through your own personal experience.

Wisdom is not necessarily acquired by age. There are folks twice your age who have considerably less wisdom than yourself. There are also children who have been through enough to be, "Wise beyond their years."

So many of the sayings we have today are real jewels of wisdom that will not be recognized as so if they are not your actual experience. Words can not express the perspective of the speaker unless the listener has had the experience.

Most of these phrases are common and are considered common sense. But, "Common sense is not common." Just a few of a ton of phrases that have a lot more to them then they sound like.

  • "Just to go to it can never amount to going through it."

  • "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

  • "Takes one to know one."

For more wisdom and truth, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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bometernally said...

So on point. From my experience, wisdom comes from within. Like when I practice my postures. Even though I might have read or seen a picture of the pose, it is not until I have practiced it for a while, or even years, more insight comes in. That knowledge that comes from experience and sheds light on what you might learn on the outside is what I call wisdom.