Arm Me With Harmony

Living in harmony with the universe is the most powerful "weapon" that there is. To be in tune with the way things are; with the way things work; with the laws that govern our reality; is to put all the power that exists, on your side. It is a major paradox: The more of your life you can accept, the more of your life you can control.

The concept of accepting and adapting to reality is extremely powerful. It is so powerful that there isn't any part of creation that does not practice this concept. Everything that exists follows the rules of universal intelligence. There is no way we can prove things otherwise.

It is literally not possible for something to be that could not be. To clearer illustrate this; there isn't a way for things to happen that contradict the laws that govern what is. If there was a way, they would happen. If they did happen, they simply would be proof that we were not familiar with all the laws to begin with. The very existence of the "anomaly" would be evidence that there is still more that is unknown.

The very act of learning is a way of accepting and adapting. It is becoming more familiar with what is and ultimately using this knowledge to your benefit. This goes for everything; from learning basic survival to learning the true nature of our consciousness. The universal intelligence has illustrated this to us through the way evolution works. Of all the countless plant and animal species around and the varied environment types; the ones that remain are always the most accepting of the conditions they exist in.

Being in harmony is being in a very high mode of adapting. Being in harmony is often described as being "in the zone," being "inspired," or possessing intuition. The only way to achieve this is to be in the present moment.

I was once the type of person who would have rather been armed with firearms. I can now see the bigger picture. I would rather be one with my life experiences. Arm me with harmony!

For more great perspective, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


Walt said...

Man, Treach was conscious as all get out! "No matter where you go, there you are".

There have reports lately that sharks have been born with not male DNA, meaning the female produced them completely on their own! Immaculate conception is not as out of range as it appears! There is nothing that has taken place that was "supernatural". All is natural.

bometernally said...

I love the picture you have for this subject! It speaks for itself! Arming one self with Harmony literally keeps one in balance like in the picture floating in the universe - ie. -our own universe. Also the figure definitely looks like there is inner focus.

Keep up the good work & inspiration!

C. Om said...

Thanks for your insight Walt. You are exactly right. The 'super' in supernatural is only a pointer to man's limited knowledge. They would have thought cell phones were 'supernatural' a while back.

C. Om said...

Thank you Bhadra. It felt right. Not unrelated to the picture, we have the entire universe with in us. Though this sounds abstract to some; there is nothing we can percieve that is not with in us. The more we accept the outward world, the more we accept ourselves.

bometernally said...

Yes, you have that right in regard to having the entire universe within us. As within, so without and the saying of the macrocosm and the microcosm

Have a great day!

*** said...

The question becomes: From where are universal laws born?

From a higher authority outside of human consciousness?

From the collective consciousness of man, whereby the highest vibrational energies of goodness (truth) rise up from the darkness?

Is human consciousness creating what's never 'been' before, merely by looking? If so, from where did the desire to 'look' come?

With each new layer of mind expanding thoughts do we create a new universe or is this new reality contained within this universe?

So many questions from which there is no beginning and no end.

C. Om said...

Indeed. Infinity is really a concept that although is familiar and feels like a natural part of us; for the mind, it defies all logic.