Think Nothing of It

We've all heard the phrase, "Think nothing of it." But if we really look, we may see the great amount of wisdom in this saying. Some people believe thinking nothing will leave a person at a disadvantage. And they would be right to an extent. But to eliminate all the unnecessary thought comes very close to thinking nothing.

  • To be able to perceive without evaluation
  • To feel with no opinion
  • Total acceptance
  • To allow whatever happens with no resistance
  • To have no judgment what-so-ever
These are but a few of the ways that the absence of unnecessary thought may bring our awareness to a higher state. It can almost be described as the kind of heightened attention one has when they have no concept as to what is coming next. Paradoxically this heightened sense of awareness allows you to feel what is to come.

We may bring our awareness to an intelligence above thought. We may shift our focus from the identity driven thought process to the intuitive nature of the Self. We may be channels for our Higher Self to act through.

Think nothing of it.

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Leon1234 said...

Hey, great post! Thanks for sharing.

bometernally said...

I totally agree with this being a great post!

You truly have a gift of connection in that you can elaborate on such a simple phrase. It is like a sprouting of a seed. Looking at the seed one might not know what is really inside of it. Also it makes me think of the "Matrika Shakti" , which is the power of sound that is the matrix of the cosmos, and manifests as the letters in the alphabet.

Keep giving your "Light" of wisdom. {:-)

Anne Partain said...

Thank you for discussing this. It is such an important topic. There is much said about letting go of thinking when you get to a certain level of awakening.

I have noticed that when I give up my ties to something, anything, the 'washing machine of thought' about it ends. And I am then able to see it from a different vantage point. Still thought, but from another source. A wise quiet non strained source. And these thoughts are freeing and they feel really good.
Namaste' wise one!

C. Om said...

@ Leon Basin
Hey Leon! Thank you for coming by! Your appreciation is appreciated. I'll be sure to visit.

@ bometernally
Much appreciated! I am not the doer, but I enjoy the doing.

@ Anne Partain
Indeed! To become still and be inspired feels good because we are in alignment with our Self.

Light and Love

Leon1234 said...

Oh, no problem at all!:) Anytime...

*** said...

Here are a few more that may work in the context you present:

"Don't go there"
"What you don't know won't hurt you"
"Mind Yourself!"

C. Om said...

@ Stream Source
Absolutely! You see it! Thanks for the addition SS. :-)