'NOW' Is More Than Meets The Eye

Many (including myself) have spoken of the benefits of being in the present moment. The power of being in the NOW helps to quiet the mind by eliminating thoughts of the past and future and making the most of your focus. There are actually more benefits to being in the moment than are usually mentioned. I'm talking about broadening the concept of NOW.

If you have ever brought your attention to the concept that time is an illusion and that all of eternity is but a single moment, then you may see how we can broaden the concept of 'now'. Yes, 'now' is the present moment, but included in that are the infinite possibilities of everything that could ever possibly happen. In other words, all possibilities are happening right now.

Looking at the present moment from this perspective, it is easy to see how you can fully be in the present moment and yet still be attracting what you want in a future moment to you simultaneously. To feel and acknowledge the possibilities you want right now is not a denial of your present moment, but an addition to it. It is after all a reality right now. When you can feel and appreciate that alternate present moment reality, you draw it forth into your current reality.

The same is true for worry. Feeling the feelings of worry, a person actually helps to bring about the present moment that already exists where their worries are a reality. You attract it to you. It's beneficial to focus on want you want and to feel good. Now is the time.

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Walt said...

I work out three times a week. While doing so, I really encounter the concept of time as an illusion. I do some that require time constraints. I realize that my muscles react to my concept of time. For instance, if I look at my timer for the duration, then my muscles react to time and rigor. If I do something else, like even look at tv, time passes without my knowledge of it. My muscles still build, but without as much resistance from me.