It Makes Sense

It makes sense. It makes perfect sense. Not in the traditional meaning of the phrase though. Not in the way a piece of information is computed and understood logically. Not in the way the mind defines and grasps objects and/or concepts.

'It makes sense' in the way it engages your perception. It makes visual sense. You can see it. But not necessarily with your eyes. It makes the tactile sense. You can feel it. It makes auditory sense. You can hear it. It makes smelling and tasting sense.

What is 'it'? 'It' is a higher sense behind the physical five. Without any self serving analysis of what it is (in other words, thought), it can be sensed.

It makes sense, literally. It is actually the source of our awareness, sense, or sensory perception. Without this higher sense, all the information from the outside world would simply remain as electrical signals in the brain. 'It' can be defined as the sense that interprets these electrical signals, turning them into 'real life.' And this 'real life' experience can be created by this higher sense without the aid of the physical five. Dreams are a good example of that.

Realizing that everything we think is 'out there', is actually created for us to experience 'in here', and that when exposed to the exact same conditions, people have different experiences; we can see how significant this source of sense (or sense of the source) really is. And this is our true essence.

It makes sense.

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Anne Partain said...

Use my senses to know my environment. Thank you, you have helped me. :)

C. Om said...

And recognize the higher sense that enables all your senses and creating your environment. The gratitude is mutual Anne. :-)


Unknown said...

Since I saw the "Matrix" movie this is one of the questions that bugs me.
How do we know we are not in some futuristic virtual reality machine playing a VR game?
I mean we only have flight simulators now but I don’t see why in the future we wouldn’t have “life” simulators.

Anonymous said...

It does make sense, perfect sense. It is the divine, God, whatever you wish to call it. And it is us, and hopefully, more and more we are waking up to that. All of us. Fabulous post.

It is that silent observer, silent witness who can observe things as they arise and pass away and not react to them. It is equanimity. And equanimity is purity, I heard a very wise man say.

Mark said...

It does make sense indeed! Our senses are so far beyond that which we identify today.

Anonymous said...

"It" sounds very much like my spirit....that eternal part of me that is a part of God.

I suppose how we perceive "It" within us is also the way we make sense out of Life? :)

Thank you for visiting my blog, so that I could find you! I look forward to reading you more

C. Om said...

@ Buddha
I know what you mean. Maybe there is no way to prove that we are not. In either case, we do know that we are helping to create this reality. Co-creators. And there is also no question we are having an experience and we can determine how we interpret that experience. This is powerful whether it is 'real' or a simulation. Great food for thought though. Thanks.

@ Molly
Thank you for visiting! And yes, "equanimity is purity," and our true divine nature.

@ Mark
I appreciate you coming by. Our combined consciousness is ever growing and making more sense all the time

@ Grace
Yes! "It" is our spirit and the Observer that is pure consciousness. Thank you for coming by! I will be back. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your senses are more than you assume. Life is opening up in unforseen ways to baffle and amaze you. This web blog is full of inspiring insights.

Anonymous said...

'It' makes sense. Like the way you delve into what the most basic daily expressions may convey; how the practical and the profound can combine.