The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

We are all gourmet chef's in our own right. Every single moment of existence, we are cooking up something. We are also the person who consumes every dish we whip up.

Sometimes we are well aware of what's on the menu because we are intentionally adding specific ingredients for specific results, and sometimes we are oblivious to the process. Becoming aware of what we choose to cook up and what we choose to eat is the most rewarding of experiences.

Life is just like an all-you-can-eat buffet with an infinite amount of different foods to eat. The infinite spread of different experiences is always there. Our focus is what actually chooses what we are eating from that infinite spread. What ever we are focused on in any one moment becomes our experience. We can only have one experience at a time.

Realizing this, it is easy to see how beneficial it is for us to always choose what tastes best to our spirit. Being conscious of the "soul food" will keep us happy and healthy. What's your favorite dish? :-)

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Anne Partain said...

Hello friend, could I just say I get to choose what I like best and assume I am spirit?

C. Om said...

Hi Anne. That is exactly what I'm saying. When we feel a high resonance with a particular experience, we are in alignment with it and our Self. This is why it feels so good on every level. Our spirit is letting us know by how we feel that we have chosen what is best. And of course, we are essentially spirit.

Anonymous said...

This post is a real feast! 'Your are what you eat' takes new meaning here. Like your emphasis on aware choosing. Yet, as you say, when 'oblivious to the process' both cooking and choosing is done blindfolded leaving one with a very random plateful. (codakiz)

C. Om said...

Thank you codakiz! Your insight is on point as always. I like how you tied in 'you are what you eat.' Very profound. Hopefully we will all become aware of our 'diet.' :-)