Good Morning!

Good morning everybody. I am writing this at a time far from the rising of the sun in my time zone. I am using this phrase as a wake up call.

Even if you are not a 'morning person', I'm sure you have had a day or time when you have awoken from a sleep and felt totally rested and refreshed. On top of feeling rejuvenated and relaxed you felt a sense of hope and promise that today is a new day and that anything is possible. This may have been recently or many years ago. My point is, if you can recall this feeling, however brief; you know exactly what I'm saying.

Most people tend to let scheduling dictate how they should be feeling at a given moment. If it is Monday morning, you may hear a lot of people grumbling, "I hate Mondays." During the week, be it at work or school, most people feel a lot lighter and happier when it's 'quitting time' than when they first arrive. If it is Friday afternoon, you may hear people excitedly exclaiming, "T.G.I.F.!"

When you withdraw your focus from the thoughts that fuel your dependency on scheduling (just as the thought of a schedule fuels your thoughts), and refocus your awareness in the present moment; the feelings of anxiety of what is to come, or regret about the past, disappear. They can not co-exist in your awareness when you are altogether focused in the present moment. Try it out for yourself.

'Good morning' is a reminder. Any and every single moment (including the very present moment of you reading this right now) has all the power and potential of the moment you had that feeling of waking up, renewed and full of optimism. The only difference between then and now is the conversation in your head.

'Good morning' also brings your attention to the concept of a fresh start; a new day. In reality, the earth is always spinning and a new day is simply the time our minds are trained to acknowledge a new cycle in the spinning movement. In other words, you can pick any single moment to 'start fresh.'

Infinite possibilities abound. The more you consciously live in the present moment, the more you realize the power of it. Everything that has ever happened, is happening right now, and ever will happen; happens in the present moment. From moment to moment, things have just as much chance of remaining the same as they do to change.



Walt said...

"look at the valedictorian,
scared of the future while I hop
out the DeLorean"-Kanye

achievement in the eyes of the world and enlightment are not always synonymous, in other words

C. Om said...

No question about that Walt. Most people's preconcieved notions of how things should be, cloud their perception and they miss actually seeing what is. As a result, they miss all the fun.

Thanks for your insightful comment.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!!

I read this somewhere once:

"Morning is when I am awake, and there is dawn in me."

I feel that way in the morning. And more and more in many moments of the life.....

With Much Peace,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! right back at you!

Unknown said...

My grand pa use to say to me: No matter how bad things are today tomorrow the sun will rise again.
A very good morning to you!

C. Om said...

@ Molly
Absolutely! We can have the newness of a beautiful morning anytime. :-)

@ Anne Partain
Thank you Anne!

@ Buddha
Exactly! And we can choose the moment of that sunrise. Thanks man.