Skyscrapers Built On Sand

As a society, we build more castles on sand foundations than a little bit. By today's standards, I guess you could call those 'castles' 'skyscrapers.' In any case, many of the old views, ideologies, concepts, and institutions don't have the same structural strength or fortitude they once had, due to the sands of change shifting their very foundations.

Change, a true constant, is inevitable. You've heard it before. "Nothing lasts forever." This goes for the usefulness in dated ideas too. There are the old ideas of, "going to school to get a good job that you can retire from in fifty years with a gold watch and nice pension." There are also the ideas of, "neighborhood record stores." The sands of change do shift and if you don't move with them, your structure will crumble.

Many institutions and old views claim that there is only one way to go to salvation. There is only one way to go about having a relationship with the Higher Power. Using your logic, it is pretty obvious that there is more than one way. Even looking at the common thread that runs through most faiths, it is obvious that there are many ways to the same Source.

Most of these castles built on sand are fueled by pure dogma. It only take a person aware enough to investigate what is real, as opposed to taking someone's word for it, to stay in the know. To be in the know is to be in the flow of change.

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*** said...


Never has it been more apparent that our government, our country, our world is on shifting sand. Never has it been more apparent that there is a need for compassion, forgiveness, love and acceptance from our leaders so that it may trickle down and up and around to all.

Still, darkness lingers - resistance and attack abound from those who believe they are carriers of light. Their voice is angry, dark, exclusive - yet they proclaim their way is the way of God.

What's truly light will never cease to shine like the sun. The false Gods of ego's ruse will wash away in the tide with the sand.

C. Om said...

Indeed. Change always brings with it a test. We get a chance to see what stands up as an absolute truth and what was merely an apparent and temporary truth. The light of the absolute truth will never cease to shine.

Rizal Affif said...

Hey, this remind me a lot of my own post, The Fate of All Structures.

Anyway, ever since I was a kid, I cannot lie to myself to believe that there is only one way to salvation. There are many--even a quote says that "the road to God is as much as His creations"--that means infinite! :D anyway, after all, it is the purpose of creation; to experience life from infinite individual perspectives. Why create different individuals if there's only one way?

Thanks for sharing this, C. Om :)

Liara Covert said...

Deep down, you opt to participate in a given situation out of pure pleasure. You do not make choices out of thoughts of survival, but because sharing feels right. Feeling you do meaningful things is an ego motivation. As you recognize this, and remeber the truth, you slowly take back inner power and realign with the truth. Your intention is just to be, to stop holding yourself back from accepting all you are, all you are capable of experiencing. Its all good.