Happy New You!

Happy New Year! Or as I like to say, "Happy Newness!"

The only difference is the fact that the newness can be celebrated at any given moment. The reason for this is any given moment is as new as any other.

People can literally celebrate the rebirth of their own being at any given moment. New Year's resolutions are a big tradition because of this. Many people like to put new goals and new habits into effect at the start of a new year. Once again, this rebirth can be at any given moment.

Even if you can not change your current circumstance, a shift in your perspective of the very same circumstance may help you feel and appreciate the newness of the moment. Like a phoenix rising from the flaming and charred ashes; perspective will allow you to be reborn in any and all situations. Experience the new you.

Happy New You!


bometernally said...

Love the phoenix rishing from the ashes picture and concept. Great way to say Happy New Year. "Happy New You" to you!

Unknown said...

Joyful Fresh, New Moment to you C. Om!

Rizal Affif said...

Happy new you too, C. Om!


Yes, rebirth can be done anytime! But thankfully humans created years as a passage of time--at least most of us can use the moment to put new goals and new habits with it :)

Mark said...

Happy Newness! I do like that. Yes, the one thing that we can always changes is our perspective.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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