Amazing Potential


Rizal Affif said...

Compelling! I've known few people who has the ability to channel Chi, but haven't seen a very powerful one like this.

How about Reiki?

C. Om said...

I'm still learning more and more. Reiki uses the same type of energy for healing purposes.

Thanks for the feedback. :-)

Rizal Affif said...

Now that I've seen the full video at Youtube, I have more understanding. Hey, he's from Indonesia, my country. (Traditional) Java and Borneo especially are famous for their mystical way of life.

So it's true that such Qi power is drawn from Navel Chakra, just like my Guru had told me. It requires special breathing technique to generate and special muscle tightening technique to channel the power according to one's will. I had learnt it for some times once but I quitted :p

Anyway, my Guru also told me that Reiki is drawn from Crown Chakra. So I guess, if it's the same energy, it must be within widely different frequency... IMO though :)

C. Om said...

You are right. All the chakras have a slightly different frequency, just as the different colors in the rainbow are all light at slightly different frequencies.

I'm happy to see you doing your own investigation. I'm learning myself all the time! :-)