Sense Perception

You gotta look before you can see.
You must listen before you can hear.
You won't experience details not focused upon.
You have to experience before you can know.

If you are watching TV and lost in thought about something else, you miss the show. If you are having a conversation and listening to a song, either the song or the convo doesn't get fully heard.

The amount of things a person can focus on simultaneously can actually grow. It just takes a bit of practice. What your senses can perceive all at once can actually expand way beyond what the average person would even consider. Even beyond the physical senses, we are beings of amazingly infinite potential!

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Rizal Affif said...

I heard the stronger someone can focus upon something, the more The Universe is revealed before him/her.

I am always thrilled at the fact that my senior could focus upon my eyes and know so many things about me. She could peer into the akashic memory I could not access myself. My... what a power of focus! :D

Mark said...

I doubt not that we can go way beyond that which we limit ourselves to. The key is how does one achieve this, how do we break beyond the glass ceiling we have erected.

C. Om said...

Rizal, as always, extremely perceptive!

Mark, the glass ceiling is our own beliefs and expectations. Because you do not doubt it, you have already began removing it. To go beyond it, we must and will attract the techniques and experience into our lives. I know, it's a little vague, but I'm still in the same process myself and the details become more clear as I focus on them. Thank you for your insightful question.

Liara Covert said...

Life is de-conditioning, peeling away the layers of self-created illusions. We are all limitless, energy beings. The series of revelations is all about cosmic synchronicity. It always is and waits for you to remember the truth.