The New Money

Did you hear about the new money coming out? Pretty soon everyone will have to switch over to this new currency. It's evolutionary and it's inevitable.

In the same way that, "gray is the new black," or "smart is the new cool;" the new money is your attention. If you think about it, right at this moment, your attention is the most valuable asset you have! Even more true, it's really the only asset you ever have!

The "new" money is exactly the same as the old money in terms of it's power source. There are lots of people who have long since switched over to the new money. The "new" money is not really new. It's alway been there. It was there before money and it will be there after money.

Recognizing that your attention determines your quality of life way beyond any amount of monetary funds effectively minimizes the importance of cash and as a result allows you to have more of it.

You are spending the new money right this second. You are paying attention right now. Start to notice how much you spend and what you spend it on during your everyday. When you pay attention, you always get something in return. What are you getting back? Do you like and enjoy it? If so, you are appreciating your money! If you are paying attention or focusing on what you don't like, you are in a state of lack. Cash money's got nothing to do with it.

So get your money up!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, for sure, energy exchange at any given moment is the true currency. I can see sometime in the future when money will become absolete because we will be giving away the gifts that we personally manifest into the world. We will love what we create and produce and will freely offer it to others because it makes us happy. Therefore, the opposite of what money is now, will prevail.

Unknown said...

Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyone's Invited!

Planet Awesum is powered off stoke.
On Planet Awesum, everyone's zero.
Planet Awesum is now-here and every-where.
Planet Awesum is multi-core.
On Planet Awesum, everyone's sponsored.
The first rule of planet awesum.. is talk about planet awesum!

energy flows where attention goes, so lets invest in a way that benefits all. since everyone is us. give to receive. the evolution of selfishness.

I call the frequency we're in now the "take pills die" death cult-ure. Which is convenient death cult-ure. We express ourselves through killing ourselves cause most of us don't know any better. We don't have the "time" to, yet. It's our programming. That's been on the outs for awhile. We are going into planet awesum. Some of us have been there for awhile. It's a frequency and there's no escape. We never were really in control anyhow. It's a process, of surrender. Surrender to the awesum. It's only a matter of time. On PA there is no time, but u can still use time there if u like. We've actually never left planet awesum though we mistakingly "think" so. So the secret window back to PA is being present, being stoked, sharing stoke. The second rule of planet awesum is.. talk about planet awesum! Win Won. Buy Bye

The Rambling Taoist said...

This is getting weird. You & I seem to be writing about a lot of the same things at the same time, though independent of each other.

Rizal Affif said...

Love the metaphor of "attention" as a currency we can spend. Hmm... I'll make sure I do not spend attention on unimportant matters.

And by the way, which bank can I save my attention with great interest? :D

C. Om said...

*Rambling Taoist
It's only natural. As the truth becomes more clear, people start seeing things from the same perspective. "Great minds think alike!"

LOL. Saving is only relevant in the future. You can spend what you have right now. Not to worry though. There's an infinite amount to spend. Death is an illusion so you have all of eternity to spend!