Feel The Love

Have you ever received a message, a gift, a letter, or any kind of reminder from another that made you really feel the intent of love with in it? I'm talking about that feeling of being filled with love to the point of overflowing from with in.

This has happened to me recently. It brought to light the realization that we can only ever feel what is already with in us. We always already have what ever we feel.

In other words, the fact that we can receive only a material reminder that can act as a trigger to release such great feelings within makes it only too obvious that the source of love was not external, but internal.

It can be likened to a faucet that we have inside. When opened, this faucet will flow out an infinite amount of love. This "love tap" is totally under our control, but we do not have control over it until we become conscious of it. While aware of it's existence, we can feel this unending flow of love overflowing with in us. While unaware of it, we unconsciously squeeze off the flow, believing the source to be external.

Ever realize that no matter how much they try, no one can actually make you feel their love? Some one can attempt to give you the world and unless you are in the right mood, you will not appreciate it. Once again, the source of all love realized by a conscious being is internal.

You only feel what is already there!

The only reason why you do not feel it at times is because you are closing off the faucet that would be gushing at full pressure all the time. The only way we manage to do this is to lose consciousness of this fact. And the only way we lose consciousness of this is to be overly influenced by the individual ego identity, getting caught up and trapped in the external illusion.

Don't think. Feel. Feel the love.

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Mark said...

This is so very wise! Yes, like the orange, when squeezed can only give orange juice when we are squeezed we can only give what is within us and what we allow. Our core is love, however as you stated the ego often truncates that because of the need to control the identity.

Anonymous said...

"the source of all love realized by a conscious being is internal"

I love that you brought this out. I have noticed this from another direction. When I develop the love that is me and focus on it; I can easily focus on this same love in others. But, as you said, it must first be discovered within me by me. I am guessing that this awareness has many practical facets. :)

Anonymous said...

Love is timeless. Its reason to give all that you have and all that you are, now, unselfishly, unconditionally and completely. It is something you feel that defies words and labels. It explains the natural flow of energy in directions that make sense. It is faith, trust and all that is.

Unknown said...

I love my two daughters more than my life.
They can make my knees go weak with a simple “I love you dad”
It is the greates blessing to have unconditional love in my life and I feel a bit unworthy of it :)

C. Om said...

@ Mark
Thank you! It takes wisdom to know wisdom. ;)

@ Anne
Indeed Anne! We are all sources of the same love. Once recognized with in, we can clearly see it in others. After all, we see our own reflection in others. Thank you!

@ Liara
On point as always. Thank you!

@ Buddha
You are more than worthy, and a blessing to your daughters. :)