Do You Have Enough For Now?

(Archive from October '08)
Some of the words being used a lot these days in the news are: recession, market crash, bail out, possible depression, etc. I understand many people are affected by this "financial crises" that is being promoted at almost celebratory levels; but there is a simple question that many people do not to ask themselves when feeling the stress of a disappearing income stream. You guessed it. "Do I have enough for now?"

This question's importance is major as it sheds light on what it is right now and what you think it is right now. In other words, reality and what you think is reality maybe altogether and entirely different. This tends to happen when you stop using your own perceptual senses and start believing everything you are told. This belief then becomes your experience.

As a result of this fear based perspective; we actually give our energy to what we don't want. If you know the principle of Napoleon Hill's, "Think and Grow Rich," or any number of others who have spoken about the principles of manifesting a destiny of your choosing; you know that what you are feeling and thinking about most of the time is what you will experience and bring to reality. "Think and Grow Rich" would more accurately be called "Feel and Grow Rich" because it is the feelings that you hold that give strength to any vision or thoughts that may run through your mind.

So much of the time; we are worried about a construct of the mind rather than experiencing reality. Right now is of supreme importance as opposed to a hypothetical situation in the future. If you can bring the mind to a stop and take notice of how you feel; you will know for a fact that the "financial crises" only exists when you are thinking about it. This is not to deny a situation that may or may not be happening. This is to effectively eliminate any stress that you would carry around as a result of the situation. To eliminate this stress is already a huge advantage in bringing about a more desirable future. It all starts with right now.

Being a believer and follower of popular opinion puts you at a disadvantage with accepting and adapting to your own reality. It's like the traffic light in "Who Told You To Move?" You can allow others to dictate what you should feel like, or you can be here now. You can be alert and aware enough of your present moment to realize what you really feel with out your mind gushing interference and picturing a negative reality that doesn't really exist right now. It is only when you can grasp and be in the moment that any real change is affected.

So, do you have enough for now? If the answer is yes; don't carry around the emotional baggage of doom and gloom. Simply be grateful for what you have and you will get more. If the answer is no; focusing on the solution as opposed to the problem not only feels better for you; it also leads to a much speedier resolution than focusing on the problem.


B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

I see you're basically saying we should live in the present moment rather then stress about something in the future.If everything is going alright for you now why stress about something that hasn't happened yet...constantly thinking about it only exasperates the problem.Yeah I do agree focusing on a soloution rather than the problem is relevant.You can use this concept in not just relating to the financial crisis but in every day life :-)

C. Om said...

Absolutely! I couldn't have said it better myself. Appreciate the comment B3autifulsoul-n-mind :-)

Unknown said...

Last recession – remember when Bush the father was the president? – I went through a foreclosure. Fortunately I wasn’t married I had no dependents so it was just me taking the hit.
I learned my lesson and I vowed never to be caught with my pants down, so today I am in a better position to go through the storm. Also I am the head of a family and a father of two.
Living in the present is wonderful when you have a job and a place to stay.
But it changes completely the moment you have no job and no place to live.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you here. I don't even watch the news. Why should I, they are not talking about me.

Depending on the desired outcome, a narrowing of focus to only what feels good and what is wanted is not a popular idea, but, then, those who come to your site are looking for powerful, life changing information, and you are not disappointing!

Thanks for taking the time to teach this. :)

Mark said...

We do manifest what we focus on. This is a very important read for all of us. Thanks for the reminders.

C. Om said...

It does change when you have no job and no place to live, but it still applies as far as making easier to get through that time.

Much appreciated Anne

Thank you Mark

Anonymous said...

Every human being always has enough. They may simply forget reality long enough to learn some valuable lessons.