Wild Life

What does 'wild' mean? It occurred to me how strange this label or description of life really is especially considering it is being used to describe 'life'.

We call animals that have not been tamed, 'wild'. In reality, 'wild' is a natural state unaltered by the mind of man. This state is free of labels like good, bad, perfect, and imperfect. There is a synchronicity and balance that the 'wild' life share with each other.

In contrast, mankind could really be considered more 'wild'. The ego mind causes man to be out of balance with himself and the planet. The untamed and uncontrolled thoughts of wanting are a far cry from the serenity that 'wild' life seems to carry around with it if there is no immediate danger.

The average human has considerably more fear based thought than the average 'wild' life. Fear based thought is the source of what may be called 'wild'. Learning to control the mind brings peace and ceases the wild nature within man.

We can actually learn a few things from what is traditionally called wild life.


bometernally said...

Great post as usual C.Om ! What an interesting way to look at "Wild Life". Thanks for the post.

Blessings to you (:-)

Ta-Wan said...

True indeed.

B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

Yeah you're right I never actually thought about it .

C. Om said...

Thank you for the love.


Good to see you again. :-)