See Beyond the Norm

The power of focus goes a long way! Here's a clip to illustrate how shifting your focus can allow you to see what you could not before. It is a visual puzzle. You may have seen these before. They've been around. It does make a great point though. It first appears at a minute and 40 seconds in (1:40). See if you can solve it.:)



Anonymous said...

Great clip. Thanks for posting it.

Mark said...

It is amazing as to what we see that we don't see. Amazing what focus can do, it can pinpoint and it can also provide that of a wide angle lens. Thanks for sharing.

C. Om said...

The pleasure is mine. :)

True indeed Mark. I'm learning more and more about focus all the time! It is amazing how we can see more detail and yet gain a wider view of 'reality' simultaneously.

Thanks for the insight!

Unknown said...

I can't see a thing :(
But that is not the point.
The point is that by changing your focus - or your point of view the perspective changes.
Very true!

C. Om said...

Buddha, you got the point exactly. I could not see it the first time I looked, but I did get it after a little practice.

Walt said...

The key is holding your focus and not getting fully caught up in the image so that you can see it clearly.