Quality of Life

Ever notice how people often confuse the amount of money people can spend with the quality of life they have? The misconception of the amount of money one has and quality of life is a common one.

Notice how a dollar amount can never truly be attached to what actually affects your quality of life. The way you feel at a particular moment is really what defines the quality of your life in that moment.

Excitement, exhilaration, enthusiasm, joy, and peace are a few of the feelings you can have that bring the quality of your experience of life way up. A person can be dead broke and still feel these feelings. A person can be extremely wealthy and still be depressed. You determine the quality of your life in any given moment.

Yes, it is definitely true that more money allows you more choices in life, but it does not determine the quality. Realizing how to feel great more times than not will actually attract more money to you. A happier you is the best and most expensive gift you can give to yourself.

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Val said...

Yes, yes, and more yes!!!!

Walt said...

You already know I agree! My job is a perfect display of affluent people, and affluent problems. They often tell me they envy the "simplicity" of my life!

C. Om said...

Indeed! :-)