Relative Reality

If you feel something and it turns out that it is not physically there, does that take away from the fact that you felt something? Does it mean that your experience is not real?

If something is physically there, not affecting you on any level, and you fail to perceive it, how real is the existence of that object? Is it part of your reality?

You will come to your own conclusions.

From my point of view, reality is relative to your perspective. What is real is only determined in the mind and perception of the beholder. In other words, what is experienced inside is more real than any information from an external source. Being that we can only experience a reality that we match with vibrationally, we do more projecting of reality than we may realize.

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bometernally said...

" Being that we can only experience a reality that we match with vibrationally, we do more projecting of reality than we may realize."

So this post is a projection of my reality (:-)

Blessings to you C.Om

Unknown said...

So 500 years ago when everybody believed the Earth was flat the Earth was actually flat and that changed once we changed our perception?

Ta-Wan said...

Hi Om. I'm not blogging anymore but will still be reading.

Again we have posted on similar subjects although the exact article of mine that relates here I forget.

If I look over my glasses I see two moons, which is real? When I look at a person I see another, but truly it is my reflection.

Mark said...

Yes, it is true we are the creators of our reality in so many more ways that we want to admit. We are powerful beyond what we choose to understand.

Anonymous said...

It is a curious thing this relativity that you describe. It allows for the universe to bring to us according to how we are vibrating. It allows for each of us to have our own views. One person sees money as evil and thereby disallows it, while another sees it as a means to share and create, and thereby experiences it in that way. The money does not change, it is the relative perception of the individual that creates our individual experience. Otherwise we would all be the same and how boring would that be? :)

This is what Einstein understood and is the nature of here.

Great stuff! Valuable idea! Thanks!

C. Om said...


Time is but a moment. What we know to be true now influences what was true in the past and the future. But the people in that time did not experience the earth to be round just as most of us are not able to see beyond the visible spectrum. We do not match the experience, so it does not exist in our relative reality.

True indeed. And our reflections can sometimes share the same perspective. I'm glad you'll still be around. :)

Yes, I am still in the process of realizing this. Practice makes perfect.

Absolutely! It's no wonder "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Thank you!