Never Alone

I recently realized the obvious fact that I am often alone. I have great friends and family, but I often spend lots of my free time in solitude. I guess I could be labeled a loner.

I also recognized the fact that though I am often alone, I'm never lonely. I'm never lonely because I never really feel alone. My presence keeps me great company.

Looking at this concept even more, I realized that being alone is just like being with other people in certain ways. When I am in high spirits, I get along with myself just as I would a best friend. I can laugh out loud at passing thoughts that are incredibly funny with the right perspective. I enjoy my favorite music and have lots of good times simply because of the way I am choosing to see life during theses times. Maybe this is strange, weird, or foreign to some people, but I don't think I would be happier in those moments of presence even if I did have the company of my friends.

Being alone being like spending time with others, there is the down side to it as well. With others, there is always the possibility of some type of conflict of interests or misunderstanding. The same can be true of inner conflict and turmoil when the ego is overly involved in the thought process. There have been times when I have witnessed my ego try and control my mind and bring about negative emotions. At times like this, I can see from both the perspective of my ego and from that of my higher self. Soon enough though, the conflict is squashed as I become friends with myself again.

When my mind is still enough and I am aware of my own presence, being alone is the furthest thing from my mind. I am too busy enjoying the feeling of being connected to the present moment and everything in it. I know without anyone trying to convince me that I am truly never really alone.

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bometernally said...

Wow! What an interesting and self introspective piece (for me). It is all true what you say. It's even an oxymoron that in "being alone" one can enjoy "the feeling of being connected to the present moment and everything in it."

Thanks for the share! This is a great example of the ebb and flow on how we get glimpses of the "Truth".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Very powerful post!

C. Om said...

Thank you both for your appreciation!

Leon1234 said...

We are born alone and we die alone heh.... How are you man?

B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

Hmm I personally feel that it's great to be alone sometimes. I love to clear my mind and make peace with myself at the end of the day. I'm glad that I'm getting a better grip of my ego that way my thoughts don't get out of control when I'm alone. Not foreign to me @ all :-) I think it helps you keep your sanity (being alone sometimes) lol :-D

C. Om said...

Feeling good. Thanks. I trust all is well with you.

Glad you are catching my drift. :-)