Music To My Ears

Music vs. Noise

Ever notice how some music to some people is just noise? Then there are other people who can turn almost any noise into music. How is this so? What noise becomes music to our ears?

It all boils down to our acceptance level. It is a sense and a matter of perspective, exactly like our sense of humour. Music is our acceptance level of noise just as laughter is our acceptance level of a situation.

Of course music can be, and is very much more elaborate and sequenced than random noise. But at the same time, the interpretation of it comes first and foremost. If a person can't or doesn't discern the flow, sequence, or rhythm of music, then it really is just noise! Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, music is in the 'ear' of the listener.

In every case of perceiving the outside world (and even the one within) we are receivers of various vibrational frequencies. Be it sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, emotion, or any other possible feeling; we are interpreting these vibes and either accepting of them or in resistance to them. Of course there are varying levels of acceptance or resistance, but in all cases it is up to us to interpret them the way we do.

People who have had psychedelic experiences have claimed being able to see the colors of music and hear the differences in different colored light. They have claimed to be able to feel sound and light as if it was tactile as well. This actually makes perfect sense when we realize that our regular senses only pick up a minute fraction of the over all spectrum of vibrations that are known to exist. If we disrupt the way our senses usually work, we maybe open to receiving more of what's out there than we usually do.

'Music to my ears' = 'Beauty to my eyes' = 'Pleasure to my touch' = 'Intoxicating fragrance to my nose' = 'Nectar to my mouth' = 'Blissful joy to my spirit'. They are equal in the sense that it is our embracing of the sense stimulus that allows us to really appreciate it.

Life is always giving us a steady stream of 'noise'. It is up to us to constantly interpret that 'noise' as music to our ears.

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Rob Bryanton said...

Hi C. Om, good to hear from you. Another great post here, and I agree, the ways in which we're exploring a similar landscape do create some fascinating parallels. Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

So, somehow, as we move forward in our personal awareness, we can look at the same thing we looked at previously and see something completely different.

And the cool part is as we choose to see beauty more and more, More and more beauty appears!

Thanks for the post! Good food for thought!

C. Om said...

Thank you very much! I don't think I could stop if I wanted to. :)

Thank you Anne! And things really do get more beautiful the more clearly we see them.

Unknown said...

Hi C. OM,

Yes, for me the word 'clarity' comes into play here; clarity of perception. In a state of pure and clear perception there is only what there is, and it is all beautiful . . everything becomes pristinely clear, visually, auditorily . . . vibrationally on all levels.

Another great post, see you around the blogging world :-)

C. Om said...

True indeed, Doug. As life comes into focus more and more, clarity is experienced and allows us o appreciate it even more!

Your insight is appreciated! :-)