It's All Rubble, Rubbish, and Dust

If you could see the future of anything physically solid or material, you would see that it eventually turns to rubble, rubbish, or dust. I'm sure you already know this, but the thought of it is really quite a shift from the way people traditionally see things.

A brand new car will inevitably become a twisted piece of wreckage. A beautiful mansion will sooner or later become a pile of rubble. The most beautiful furniture will have the same fate as a fallen tree. Cash money is sooner or later taken out of circulation because the paper becomes tattered and starts to disintegrate. Even diamonds (which are supposedly forever) will eventually become dust (even if it is diamond dust).

Of course, the physical body is no different. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." It may sound a little depressing or pessimistic at first glance, but that is from an ego mind perspective. Looking at it from a more expanded perspective, nothing is ever really lost. Energy cannot be destroyed; only transferred or transformed. The unseen essence of everything is always connected and is eternal.

Essentially, everything came from 'nothingness', is almost really 'nothingness' during it's existence, and will return to 'nothingness' when it ceases to exist. Yes, even during the existence of anything physical, when we take a close enough look at all matter (a view from the quantum level), we see that it is really mostly empty space. Atoms are over 98% empty space. At an even deeper level we will find only vibrating 'strings' that form our physical reality. Pretty mind blowing.

Everything that the ego hold's near and dear is very temporary. Shifting your view of what is to see what is eternal helps tremendously to put life into perspective and brings a feeling of peace, joy, and freedom.


Mark said...

You are correct all things including our form returns to that whence it came. This understanding is key to appreciating that we are in essence energy and that all else is in a temporary state. There is much solace to be found in viewing the universe from this perspective.

Anonymous said...

This makes me think about death, and how it is a natural process bringing new life. And the story of how the King faints at death, the end of his power, the religionist prepares against it, and the child welcomes it with love.

Valuable post, very thought provoking! A healthy addition to any way of seeing!