Ever Seen Yourself?

A person can go their entire life without ever really laying eyes on themselves. Think about it. Can you really say that you have seen yourself?

I know you have seen your reflection in the mirror. I know you have seen photos of yourself or even seen yourself on film, but you may notice that never have you really seen yourself directly. And how could you? Not unless you had some type of out of body experience. And even then, if it was really you that you were seeing, then who was looking?

Maybe you could compare this to the sun never actually receiving it's own light. Even when the light is reflected back at it, it would never be able to receive a direct ray from itself.

This realization came to me while passing a mirror and taking a look at 'myself'. I realized that the way I looked did not accurately portray the way that I felt on the inside. It was as if I just saw someone else with a physical likeness to what I thought (or used to think) I looked like. It made me realize that there is so much more that I am not seeing when I look at my reflection.

I know there are people out there who can see auras and beings who are not in this physical realm. Maybe they can more accurately see themselves. But with the majority of people, it seems the only way to really 'see' yourself is on the inside. Maybe 'feel' would be a more exact word to describe what I mean.

When my senses are heightened and I can feel the life energy coursing through me, I feel exhilarated and extremely joyful, but it seems that on the outside I still look exactly the same. I would say when I feel like this, I am seeing the real me [only I'm feeling it :)].

Ever seen yourself?


Corinne Rodrigues said...

There's an award for you waiting on my blog....


Anonymous said...

A being is conscious and aware of everything on the Other side and explore the meaning of physical existence as a means of reminding the self of fundamental truths.

C. Om said...

* Corinne
Thank you for the honor! :)

Reminders of truth are always welcomed.

Val said...

I've glimpsed myself a few times...And on those rare (but becoming more frequent) occasions,I like what I see.
: )

Anonymous said...

Good points to 'reflect' upon. What comes to mind: feeling is seeing as being.

C. Om said...

When we glimpse our true selves, we will always be impressed! ;)

I can relate. :)

bometernally said...

Love this post! Great observation skills at work.

I just did a post on the jivanmukta (a realized being) in Samadhi - Contemplation YS III - 3. Reading your post reminded me of it. Basically at the end of the commentary Swami Satchidananda stated that a realized being can look like an ordinary person. It's all on the inside (:-)

Rob Bryanton said...

Ha ha, speaking of traveling parallel thought processes, wait till you see my blog entry that follows The Musician, it's called "Where Are You?". I write my blogs a week or two in advance and release them every four days, this one goes up on March 18th. I think I'll go in now and add a link to this entry because it adds a very nice tangent to the discussion.

The "not really seeing yourself when you look in the mirror" conundrum is one I've thought about a lot over the years, it really speaks to the general mystery of what "I" mean when I say "I". Great entry, C. Om!


C. Om said...

I look forward to reading it! I thoroughly enjoyed and can relate to your book and the many ideas you explore. The mention is much appreciated!

Rob Bryanton said...

Hey C. Om, that blog entry where I link to this entry went up this morning, hope you see as many connections as I do.

Fond regards,


cat said...

be entertained

C. Om said...

Thank you cat. :-)

Rob Bryanton said...

Hey, I've finally posted the video version of my "Where Are You?" entry on YouTube, and I include a link back to this blog entry, both as supered text in the video, and as a link in the More Info section. Thanks again for your great work!