Who Hears Your Prayers?

You can go down a long list of world religions from the past to the present and one thing you will find most of them have in common is the practice of prayer. Have you ever really noticed this? It is pretty noteworthy since, religions tend to differ on so many other issues.

Regardless of the differences in how the prayer is carried out, essentially prayer in any faith or religion, is a conversation between you and the Higher Power. Why has the act of communication with a Higher Power transcended time and culture to be part of mankind's spiritual practice for thousands of years? It is because it works on one level or another.

Who hears our prayers? The person praying expects God to hear their prayers. But who said God was listening? What they do not tell you in most religions and faiths, is that the reason why prayer feels good and does often work is because the Higher Power is always in your presence. That is why we expect 'Him' to hear our prayers.

How can 'God' always be in our presence? Most people's idea of God is a being who is omnipresent and omnipotent. 'He' is everywhere and knows everything. You as an individual happen to be everywhere also. The only difference is that you are only everywhere that you go. Since you are everywhere that you go and God is everywhere in general, it stands to reason that God is always in your presence.

To take it a step further, you could even realize that God is your very presence. The consciousness that animates you; the essence that observes, lives, and breathes; is the very same Intelligence that hears your prayers. The reason why you are everywhere you go is the same reason why you can pray to God anywhere you go. The Universal Intelligence is always with you and we are all one with it. It only takes the awareness to experience this.

Who hears the prayers the individual self makes? The universal Self hears them. Recognizing that the Source is within you is major.

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Rizal Affif said...

Hey, I've been thinking about this often too, particularly when people from a religion ridiculed the prayers of others. Most of them could not see the essence of prayer beyond the outer form... so I think this post is really important to share :)

Anyway, my hypnosis trainer once told me that actually, in the light of hypnosis science, prayer is a form of self-hypnosis (since hypnosis too is a tool to access Higher Consciousness). I see we've all shared the same view--only difference in terms, in forms :)

Mike Fish said...

Very true! God is within. If we learn not to look for salvation outside ourmselves, we would soon live in a better world.


C. Om said...

The self hypnosis is a very relevant point. I appreciate the insight! Unlocking the mind potential through suggestive trances allows us to connect to our higher intelligence.


The Crow said...

True prayer is no more than giving thanks.
This, in itself, puts one in an altered state.
Words are not necessary, and certainly, being seen to pray, is not necessary.
True prayer is an awareness of being grateful.