See You at the Crossroads

(From November '08)
People often talk about being at a crossroads in life when there is a big or life changing decision to be made. When you widen your perspective though; you can see that beyond the "big" choices, every moment determines your experience of life. The more aware that a person is of how they feel and what the causes are for how they feel in the present moment; the smaller the impact of major shifts in life situations.

Every moment of everyday is a defining point in life. Every moment is a crossroads. There is a decision that we make on a continuous basis. It is if we are in acceptance or resistance to what is. It is if life is our friend or our foe at the moment. It is if we choose to see through the eyes of the ego or the eyes of the Observer.

It is for this reason that the present is a gift. All the power in determining what life is to you exists only in the here and now. The crossroads are only relevant when they are acknowledged.


*** said...

Every moment does matter - nothing goes 'unnoticed'(with)in 'the field'... "every 'thought, word, and deed". It was not until I learned to relate to the universe on energetic terms that this Biblical expression held real meaning.

Every thought is a prayer... choose not just your words, but your thoughts, carefully.

C. Om said...

Absolutely! When our understanding of consciousness, energy, and the universe as a whole is expanded; the truth and power in the Bible and other spiritual texts stands out in a whole new way. The true meanings that have been mistaken for so long can be deciphered. It is really amazing.

Thanks SS.

Val said...

"The crossroads are only relevant when they are acknowledged."


I'm going to have to ponder this one for awhile. (But not too much, of course...; )

Anonymous said...

Depending on your mindset. you could view yourself at a crossroads more often than not. Every moment, you are faced with choices. You may find yourself asking choose option a) or b). Every choice is meaningful. As you say, "Every moment of everyday is a defining point in life." The choies you make are less important than lessons you choose to learn.

C. Om said...

Choice is another dimension of reality, just like space and time. ;)

"The choices you make are less important than lessons you choose to learn."
True indeed!