Life Is Open To Interpretation

I'm sure that everyone can agree that the way a person feels throughout life is what actually determines their experience of life. What a person is exposed to and observes is not nearly as important as how they interpret what they observe. It is the interpretation that will determine the experience of life.

Just as two women can observe a man and have completely different opinions of him and why they do or do not like him; life is open to interpretation. With the right perspective you may make everything in life aid in your experience of a 'good' life.

When you take a good look at yourself, and trace to the source, what it is that dictates how you interpret life situations; you will see that it is a collection of ideas and concepts identified with by your ego. In other words, the part of your psyche that determines your identity is identified with these ideas and concepts just as much, if not more, than you as an individual.

To make this easier to understand; the ego is like a checklist of pros and cons. The ideas of good things happening to us are on the ego's pros list. The ideas of bad things happening to us are on the ego's cons list. It is always directing the mind to stick to the boundaries of theses lists. When things are adding up on the cons list; stress is experienced. When things are stacking up on the pros list; pleasure is the result.

If it were possible to scrap theses lists and have no boundaries for interpreting your life experience; what do you think would be the result? If there is no more good and bad, then what is left?

One thing is for sure. You will no longer suffer from self inflicted stress (which is over 98% of all stress). You would also live more in the present moment because worrying about that checklist no longer takes up so much of your attention and energy.

There are so many possibilities in life. It is the way we choose to interpret our situations that determine our experience. Since we have a choice; let us choose the path of least resistance to life. In other words, accept life. Adapt to life and it will become your greatest friend.


Rizal Affif said...

A very brief, yet comprehensive, explanation. Only by transcending good and bad, one is open fully to what is.

Thanks for sharing, C. Om. :)

Liara Covert said...

You live the life you imagine. Human beings are what they think and more than the mind can grasp.