The Evolution Revolution

Do you believe in evolution? People have disagreed for ages about whether or not we were "created by God" or we evolved randomly out of natural selection's "survival of the fittest." Personally, I don't see why it should have to be one or the other since they could both really be responsible for life as we know it right now. Intelligent design seems to me to go hand in hand with natural selection as it was the design of the Creator for survival of the fittest to help shape life.

Whatever you believe; it is almost irrelevant because in our very lifetime, we have been a witness to the evolution of human consciousness. You need not theorize the origins of our species to see evidence of our continuing change and growth from the time that you were born. The tremendous jump in technology and some cultural changes is proof enough. There really is no question as to if evolution is real. It is only how far back one is willing to take it.

We now stand at the threshold of the next major leap in human evolution. The next phase in our evolution is not one of natural selection, but one of individual choice. It is a choice in perspective. It is how we choose to see the world and therefore ourselves.

How is this so? The average human psyche is severely dysfunctional. The mismatch of a very primitive human ego and the very advanced human mind has lead humanity down a path of ever increasing speed, technology, and efficiency and yet we struggle with the same issues of conflict, fear, greed, and disharmony as people thousands of years ago.

A human ego can be seen as primitive when it works against a person's well being. Humanity has quite literally outgrown or evolved right past the way it functions. The ego works as an anchor for identity so that the mind knows what to protect. An animal's ego works in the same way. It's purpose is self preservation. In humans, we have a primitive part of us directing a highly advanced part of us. What else makes this ego mind combination so dysfunctional for us humans is that we identify with ideas and concepts as if they are us. People will fight and die for ideas and concepts as if they were defending their very existence.

An immature ego controlling the thought process of the mind is the source of the dysfunction. Most people can not stop thinking when ever they want. Paradoxically, moving to the next level of consciousness requires less thought. Higher states of awareness exist beyond the realm of thoughts created by your mind. It is when you can be without thought that intuition can exist.

There have been people throughout history who have tried to show us how to snap out of the old and destructive perspective the immature ego mind presents, but their message was often misinterpreted or used to the benefit of some leaving others in the dark. Never the less, consciousness is in a constant shift toward becoming aware of itself and it seems now more than ever this shift is spreading further, faster, and wider. People ego's are maturing from a perspective of individuals separated from and against a cold outside world to a realization that they are one with their world.

The revolution will not be televised! It won't even be a physical struggle. The revolution is happening all over the world, right now, on an individual basis. The revolution is here! Experience it!


Mark said...

Bravo! You have done an eloquent job helping us to understand the universal shift in consciousness and how it is happening at such an accelerated rate.

Gail said...


Oh my such a wonderful post. I SO agree. Excellent insight and wisdom here. The phrase comes to mind, "Be the change you want the world to be"!!!

Love to you

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

As I was reading, eloquent jumped into my mind as well. Very good post!

Viva le revolution!

The Rambling Taoist said...

Utterly superb! One of your best posts. I'm showcasing a portion of it on my blog today with a link back here.

Carolyn R. Parsons said...

Fantastic post! I love the way you set that all down logically

Thank you


C. Om said...

@The Rambling Taoist

Wow! I so appreciate you guys feedback! Each one of you is proof of this revolutionary force!

Much love :-)

Rizal Affif said...

Once I myself was trapped in the debate between creationism vs evolutionism, since both offered strengths (and weaknesses) arguments. Only much later I realized that they are one and the same; only difference in point of view *LOL*.

Anyway, I myself once posted on my own facebook account that today, evolution is a choice. Now I know we resonate so well :)

Let's revolve!!!

Flip said...

An interesting post.

You are right in your observations about conflicts between our primitive instinct driven selves and our conscious minds.

However I think you are mixing two separate issues when you talk about technological and cultural changes and link them to the public debate about Evolution and Intelligent Design.

As we can all see - Cultural evolution is happening all around us and the intelligent cause is obvious - people.

The issue of Biological evolution and whether a designer ever manipulated the otherwise undirected processes is a completely separate issue.

You said Personally, I don't see why it should have to be one or the other since they could both really be responsible for life as we know it right now

You are right that they could both be responsible.
The question for people seeking truth has to be Were they both involved - or was it only one?

And if only one - then which one? Natural evolution or an intelligent creator?

C. Om said...

Excellent point!

And people of a similar perspective resonate quite frequently. :-)

I appreciate your view on the topic. I'm glad you brought up this question.

In my view, the cultural evolution we have seen is but a microcosm of the biological evolution that has gone on for billions of years. I understand the difference you are referring to, but in my view, there can't be a separation between the two. We are part of nature, after all.

You say, The question for people seeking truth has to be Were they both involved - or was it only one? And if only one - then which one? Natural evolution or an intelligent creator?
And I say, the two are one! How can anyone say that nature isn't intelligent?

If I chose natural evolution, it would mean everything was just a coincidence. The mind boggling design of the biological machinery, even within a single cell, much less a complex organism such as ourselves, was created by an intelligence. If you choose to call it nature, then nature is intelligent.

If I chose intelligent creator, it would mean everything was thought out and predetermined, down to the last detail. You wouldn't have free will. You wouldn't be natural. But you and the world are natural. If you choose to call it a creator, then the creator is natural.

The answer is both because you can't possible divide one from the other. And neither because it isn't either of the separate ideas of natural evolution and intelligent design that you are currently holding.