Only One at a Time

Most of us have at one time or another in life, had one of those 'aha!' moments. These are times when your paradigm shifts, your perspective broadens, and you can see a concept, situation, yourself, or the whole world in a brand new light.

Then there are a growing many of us who have had one of these 'aha!' moments about our very essence. The awareness of consciousness becoming aware of itself. We have had glimpses into our own infinite endlessness and realized we are much more than what we appear to be. But it was only a short lived glimpse.

Satori is a Buddhist term for enlightenment. The word literally means "understanding". Satori translates into a flash of sudden awareness, or individual Enlightenment. Satori is as well an intuitive experience.

The short lived glimpse of your true nature is only the beginning of the awakening process and the practice of observing one's self. As this practice continues and strengthens in consistency and duration, we start to become more and more established in this satori.

We may realize that no matter what, there is only one moment at a time. We may also realize that we can only be in a state of higher consciousness during that one moment (at a time). So no matter what, we can only be enlightened one moment at a time.

This may help some to see that becoming established in such a higher state is not as far off as it might sound initially. It only takes some in-the-moment practice. Even if we can only glimpse our true nature for a split second, if we can string together several moments of this higher awareness, we are already bringing about a further shift into consciousness.

No matter who you may look to as a great example or guide of what it means to know enlightenment, they can only be enlightened one moment at a time (just like you).


Tao said...

I'd like to have written that, it was true and had a tone of the very thing you were pointing at.

And true still that it is not only a thing to "get" (though it is not got) but a thing also to maintain (though not a thing)

silly language, you did very well :)

Liara Covert said...

Every soul is enlightenened. The issue is whether or not and when energy beings choose to remember.

bometernally said...

Nice post. Reminds me the aha moments I've had and are still having. It is the gradual removing of the veil. Love how you express your posts {:-) Keep up the flow.

Anonymous said...

What I have also noticed is that as one lightens up, one's mind expands. Even words themselves contract the mind.

From a higher vantage point, time may even be transcended and everything seems to have all happened at once. So perhaps true and final alignment with higher consciousness happens beyond time in this very moment. All moments strung together may just be one moment on the soul level.

Rachel C Miller said...

I don't see it as any big one day your filled with enlightenment.I think it is ongoing game of dominoes. One step, leaning upon the either guiding us. There is no magical moment, it is called exploration of self. Actually I really see it as the great struggle and out of desperation comes the " mother of invention" " inner wisdom" "enlightenment" etc. Albert Einstein was know to say that "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them". There is a superior than now attitude that comes with this all knowing vision. For we are on the great exploration, no difference in the human make up, how consume and what we do with what abilities and knowledge we have is what separates the average from the outstanding. Imagine a library filled with the most beautiful and wonderful set of books and no one gets to see it. There are differences amongst us, but many more similarities than differences.
Reality, I am but a seed in the wind.

Mark said...

I love the word "Satori" it means so much! It expresses what I love about this journey. Enlightened one moment at a time" - very wise!!!

Gail said...

Hi -

A the risk of sounding less than humble, which, for the most part I am quite humble. I want to say that for me, being enlightened and having a few "aha" moments under my belt - I osme times feel foreign, alone - lika I am trapped with some "answer" that I can only know is true for my journey as I watch others struggle. Oh I know all the jargen, people have to get to themselves in their own time and that I must remember how I have and still am on a journey of self and enlightement - but sometimes I want to scream it from the mountains - I don't of course, and I walk humbly remembering, learning, honoring all people right where they are at. myself too.
Does this make sense>?
As always, your writings are clear, applicable, thought provoking in the best of ways and it is safe here.

Come visit me soon, k?

Love Gail

C. Om said...

I appreciate that. Especially since many of your posts are things I'd like to have written myself.

And you nailed it when you said maintain.

Your kindness is appreciated. :-)

You are so right. Our true nature has always been and always will be; remembering is what we are here for.

Your insight is always appreciated. :-)

Thank you! The flow is always there. I just have to get out of my own way to notice it. :-)

*Natural Moments
Yes, I've realized the same issue with words. It is funny how limited they are. What the expanded mind can conceive of, words cannot express.

I know what you mean about time. I'm starting to get glimpses of non-linear time. Everything all at once in this moment, all co-existing; and the illusion of time exists because of our limited perspective.

Thank you for your deep insights.:-)

It does feel like the domino effect in some respects. Each expansion in conscious awareness allows the next one to happen.
Looking at a lot of what Einstein said and the way he looked at the world, I'm sure he was aware of his consciousness (at least to some degree).

Thanks for visiting and sharing. :-)

The word speaks volumes because of your own experience. But I like it too.

It takes wise to know wise. :-)

I know what you mean. Some people very close to me do not seem to "get it" and seem to have no interest in "getting it". I realized that me wanting them to experience what I have, is still a desire (no matter if it benefits them or not). Also accepting that they are exactly where they are supposed to be on their journey is part of my journey.

I appreciate your appreciation, as always. And I'll check it now. :-)

Ted Bagley said...

Satori- Understanding that what I said might have been by someone else.

Menotomy Vintage Bicycles said...

I've been trying to learn about this 'feeling' I've been able to get since I was a kid. Maybe could be described as Satori?
For me it is an intense feeling of consciousness. In fact it is like really waking up, even though I'm already awake. I can be anywhere, and if I'm relaxed and not having to interact with anyone and not distracted, I can get this intense awareness, and I find myself thinking "I'm here, right now". And every time I do that,
time slows down more and more. I get an intense awareness or realization and it kind of accelerates.
It is like I had been in a dream but I am now awake. It only lasts a few seconds at a time, but it is an awesome, exciting feeling.

I'm looking forward to learning more here,