Kindness Among The Kindred

I find it humorous how it seems many of the words we use have double meanings which help point to how they were coined and how the meaning of the word shifted over time. These words also often point to a deeper perspective.

One such word is, 'kindness.' We all know the traditional meaning of kindness, but have you ever noticed that we use the same word (kind) to describe things, people, and concepts that are the same?

In other words, "We have the same kind of car," and, "I want to thank you for being so kind," use the same word. How is it related?

Being kind to someone, and things of the same nature being categorized as the same kind, are both examples of consciousness recognizing the common elements in itself and another or between two others. Said more simply, it is acknowledging 'sameness,' in both cases.

When we are kind to someone, we are acting without thought of reward or reciprocation. We are doing without wanting. When we act out of kindness, it feels exactly the same to give, as it does to receive. It is as if there is no distinction between the feeling of the person being kind, and the person receiving the kindness. It seems that way because it is true.

We are the same kind. There is no difference. The differences that we see are far outnumbered and outweighed by the overwhelming commonalities we share. Search all your experiences of kindness (whether first hand or just witnessed) and you will see for yourself that this kindness came from a place of recognizing a connection of oneness between the spirits involved. The line dividing the parties involved becomes blurred to the point that the giver and the receiver share the same feeling.

This is why being kind feels so good. It is as if you are giving to yourself; because you really are giving to yourself.

I have a pretty good list of these kind of words in the "Language As A Clue" section in my book. Check it out if you like.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of like being respectful for what is.

In german Kind also means kid or child. If we respond with the heart and openness of a child, we are being Kind.

Tao said...

You are going through a very clear spell, that is a very nice thing you noticed with kind.

Looking forward to the next post... and resiting the urge to copy this one to my blog as I did your last one :)

molly said...

Fabulous post. That kindnes that you refer to, since it arises from the All That Is, and that is all we are, just one big not-separate eternal force of energy, is a common thread that kind of helps us wake up and remember.

Love the catalyst for thought and experieince here. Thanks, as always, for sharing your insights!

Eric Dubay said...

Kind also has its root in "kin" like "next of kin." So Kindred spirits, Kind Kin all relate to your idea of relating sameness

Gail said...

Good morning -

I have a 'mantra', so to speak. "KINDNESS MATTERS".

It truly does - it matters a lot. I really appreciate your writings of such things spoken/written so clearly and yet allowing your readers to reflect on a personal level.
That is very "kind" of you. :-)

Love Gail

bometernally said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Great post as usual! I agree with Gail that your posts stimulate us to reflect. It touches a place within.

I love "This is why being kind feels so good. It is as if you are giving to yourself; because you really are giving to yourself."Again, Mmmmmmmmm. Thanks for your insight.

Liara Covert said...

Another view is that difference does not exist. All translations are gentle nudges to remind people everything is the same although it may shift form or vantage point. It is all part of expansion. Life is eternal. Gail's suggestion sends out positive energy.

Ted Bagley said...

I think we use certain words to mean what we're not saying.

Mark said...

Thanks for a great lesson on the word "kind". Yes, when we are kind to others we are kind to ourselves. When we are cruel to others we are cruel to ourselves. Save one person and you save all of mankind, hurt one person and your hurt all of mankind.

Unknown said...

Never thought of it that way, but it makes perfect sense.
Be kind to each other :)

Anne Partain said...

The Course in Miracles says that whatever I give is given to myself.

David Carter said...

It's interesting (and probably completely coincidental) that "kind" is also the German word for "child". I have a two year old son, and he continually amazes me by putting what you say into practice, smiling at people I would hesitate to make eye contact with and sticking his tongue out at them until they smile back and even take off their dark glasses. I don't think he ever notices the differences that so grab the attention of adults.