Happy Newness!

On this New Year's Eve, we are conditioned to celebrate the ending of an old year and the beginning of a new one. When one really stops to look at what is really being celebrated; they may come to realize that it is the newness of the moment that has all the power and is what is constantly being celebrated.

As a child, I remember many New Years past. I remember feeling as if it really did not feel too different from the time we were anticipating the clock striking 12 to the moments afterward. The old year felt exactly as the new year. I remember feeling the same way about my own birthdays. I did not feel any older when my birthday came and went. I loved the celebratory spirit in both events, but the way I actually felt did not truly change.

Later on I came to realize that I felt this way because people as a whole were trying to capture life experience in an arbitrary schedule. The calender is simply a way of charting the Earth's progress in relation to the sun. Life, on the other hand, is determined through your own personal experience. When I passed personal milestones in my life, those are the times, I can say I felt different. Those are the times when age was more evident to me. More personal freedom, more adult type experiences, more responsibility; these are much more significant than the Earth passing the point in orbit a certain amount of times.

Celebrating the new year is awesome. My point here is that every passing moment may be celebrated as a new year. (See Good Morning!) Whoever said that the point close to winter solstice should be the start of the new year? How relevant is that to your life experience?

Every passing moment has the same newness as the moment the "new year" starts.
Happy Newness!