Criminal Intent

All intent is good intent. What is perceived as criminal always only exists in the mind of the perceiver.

This isn't to say I don't believe in justice. I simply realize that all my ideas of what justice is, are only ideas that color the way I see the world and are all together independent from what is; just as all judgment of an act or event is independent of actually perceiving the act or event.

If you do not intuitively agree, I always encourage people not to take my word for it. Instead, it is better to doubt it at first so that it may be proven. Simply put what I'm saying to the test and use yourself as the test subject.

Think about something you may have done or something that you still may do that you are not too proud of. It doesn't have to be a criminal act. It can just be something that you don't whole-heartedly approve of. Now, you can search within yourself and see what motivates such an act. You may have to do this a few times, each time dissecting the root intentions of the act that you discovered previously. In the end, not matter what, I can guarantee you will come up with one of two root intentions. These are:
1) to obtain or get closer to a feeling of relief/peace/love/abundance/etc.
or 2) to dispel or move further from a feeling of stress/pain/lack/etc.

Seeing this, we can even consolidate the two universal root intentions into one. To move toward a feeling of relief/peace is really the same movement as moving away from a place of stress/pain.

Knowing this, we can look at criminals as people much like we are. The only difference is, in attempting to feel what we all want to feel, they have been misguided. The knowledge and resources that we have available to us has not made itself clear to them yet. The phrase, "Forgive them, For they know not what they do," fits this perfectly.

Is there anyone or any group that you might want to release your negatively charged emotions about? The less of this stress you carry around with you, the better it is for you. Let it go, and you will feel better, attract less of it into your life, and be in a better position to make changes that resonate with you.

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Anonymous said...

Its like we experience exactly what we call into our lives to feel in this one moment. If the feelings fall outside the rules that we believe in, then we can feel guilty and may label the situation criminal, when in truth it is just another experience to feel that which we invited into our life. The idea of justice can be transcended to allowing and appreciating the stimulus we receive as Is. All is good.

C. Om said...


*Natural Moments
All is good, indeed. Appreciate your insight.