You Must Die!

Die! Die right now!

Seriously, death has it's benefits (and I ain't talking insurance). Anyone and everyone who has ever become something great has died several times along the way.

My definition of death is actually the end of a given identity. Anytime you go through a major change in life, your identity changes. Your old identity comes to an end. You die. You still exist, only you are not the same as before. You exist as the new and improved you. You have grown.

As you have probably figured out, I don't believe in death. No one ever dies. They only change or transform. If you believe in death, then you might as well call a cocoon a coffin. You can say that caterpillars all die when it's cocoon time. They cease to exist in that form. You can also say that the child you once were is long dead and gone, never to return again.

Death from our physical forms is not really that different from these analogies because we simply change form. It's a law of the universe that "energy can never be destroyed". It is only ever transformed. This, of course, includes you!

All death is simply a part of our evolutionary process. This process can be seen over tremendously long periods of time, or within a fraction of a life time. From all extinct species to the way you felt about yourself as a three year old; death is literally a part of the process of evolution.As we move through life, we have several deaths. The evolution of consciousness can not be stopped! We may try and resist this process, but it doesn't stop it from happening. It only makes the ride more unpleasant. When we can embrace the whole concept, we really can enjoy the ride and the new perspectives we come to see life from.

We can see all of the new possibilities as opposed to the loss of our older circumstances. We can enjoy the fact that we die.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

Along this same line of thought, the body that houses my consciousness right now is not the same body that housed my consciousness yesterday -- of course, my consciousness isn't the same as yesterday's either. Our bodies constantly are shedding cells. It's a constant dance of death and birth, birth and death.

If a person lives to 100, their body will have transformed millions (if not billions) of times.

Ta-Wan said...

Look also at how some people desperately hold on to things, routines, ideas, looks, items, habits.

They don't want to accept this inevitable flow.

Rizal Affif said...

Die, C. Om!!! :D

Really, a broad and soothing point of view about death :)

Let's die!!! :p

Unknown said...

Hmmm, a very interesting post yet again.

There are, in my experience, three deaths; psychological, emotional and physical.

Psychological death is the realization that death is an illusion; that it is irrelevant whether the body dies or continues to live. It is accompanied by intense feelings of love and beauty, but mainly it is an experience of pure comprehension and direct knowledge from within. This psychological experience of death brings a vivid new permanent state of inner clarity, which may be described as the realization of space, within and without. Space becomes indescribably clear and pristine and brings about the cessation of robotic naming and judging in the individual . . the end of that chronic, conscious and subconscious habit of all men which perpetuates the existence of the false, superficial, conditioned personality or self.

Emotional death on the other hand is filled with sensation. It is the realization of immortality accompanied by the full joy of release from the mortal burden of the emotional self. It is the realization of the individual's oneness with all life and purpose, whatever that might be.

Both deaths are the result of a relentless search for 'truth' or self-knowledge. Emotional death is by far the more painful and personally distressing and it is almost certain to include psychological death if that has not already occurred. It usually occurs in circumstances causing agonizing emotional disturbance. This is of an intensity which can be equated with the mystic's insane unrequited love of the divine, or with the loss or death of the most loved person in the individual's life.

There is, of course, no physical immortality; all physical forms return to their source, as we have all no doubt noticed ;-)
Immortality is the realization of the original state of being in the moment, which is also oneness; as you say C. Om, there is no death! Wow, catch the paradox, see the reality!

Most psychological and emotional deaths are protracted and fragmented . . a process of dying, or transformation, over many years.

Yes, there is a transformation taking place throughout. Eventually comes the astonishing realization of immortality, that beyond any doubt I am the immortal 'I' of individual consciousness.

It is a fact, all men are immortal, but how many realize it?

Gail said...


There have been other posts around about death - and it not really meaning death but change or transformation. Your example of th cocoon is a good one, however that is the life cycle of that living entity not so for humans. I guess I am less new age or whatever the term is that says one is more simple in their thoughts. I cannot imagine saying to my sister who lost her son that he is NOT dead but rather transformed. As she knew and experienced him he IS dead. No cocoons, no alternate being, no transformed son to now know and love, he IS dead. With all due respect, I say this because for every tear she cired, every deep ache she felt and still feels I would never dishonor those real feelings by suggesting that her son is NOT dead but rather transformed, changed. AND as much as is written of such understanding NO ONE knows for sure, NO ONE what happens after we die.
Love Gail

C. Om said...

*Rambling Taoist
We see eye to eye!

Exactly. And it is so much more fun to go with the flow, not against it.


Indeed. How many do realize that death is an illusion? I see more and more people "waking up" to this fact all the time.

I appreciate your insight!

I understand and respect your feelings on the subject Gail. I actually do have some experience that really proved to me that consciousness exists outside of the physical form after death though.

I can also relate to you on a personal level because my sister lost two children at the same time. Never-the-less, it is only a matter of time before everyone realizes that no one ever dies.

Feelings of loss are generated and magnified by focusing on the lack of someone or something's presence. These feelings are definitely real and totally valid. They are, however, optional. One can choose to focus on the sensation of, or abundance of having the someone or something that is no longer there and actually smile and feel relief. Celebrating the life and memory of someone always feels better than mourning the loss of them.

I am so sure of what I'm telling you, I put my life on it that if you could hear your nephew talk to you and your sister, he would tell you not to hold on to the heavy feelings of mourning his death, but to enjoy life right now.

Peace and love

Gail said...

HI C OM and "thank you"

I so appreciate you taking the time to reply to me so personally, completely, lovingly, honestly and wisely. I understand every word and I believe every word. I also believe itis a process, a journey to such wisdom and understanding and that grief has a place in that process. Again, "thank you".

Love Gail

Mark said...

I have lived and died many times in this life and will die again and again along this journey! Great post.