Feel Like a Million Bucks

Ever ask yourself, what does a million dollar moment feel like?
What does a millionaire spending a hundred grand feel like?

Can you imagine what it feels like? Come to think of it, money has nothing to do with experiencing a "million dollar moment." Being totally in the moment and feeling exactly what you want to feel like in that moment has everything to do with it.

Don't take my word for it. You have seen millionaires who are angry and depressed and you have seen broke people who are extremely ecstatic.

So there's no reason you can't feel like a million bucks anytime. It's only a matter of feeling like what you are doing is exactly what you want to be doing. Sounds strange at first, but it definitely works!

Feel like a million bucks!

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Gail said...

HI C Om-

Oh this is so wonderful. And I absolutely feel like "A million bucks" quite often; when my husband calls and says "I just wanted to hear your voice"., when I call my Mom in the morning and she shares about her plans for the day-(she is almost 86 and is so full of life), when one of my kids calls with good news about anything, when I am having a good hair day, when we have just enough money to pay the bills each month, when someone calls and needs my help, I could go on and on - and I SO appreciate this post so I could revel in being a millionaire!! :-)

Love toyou

C. Om said...

Exactly! Gail, you are a millionaire many times over with such a great perspective!

Thank you! :-)

Rachel C Miller said...

Time is priceless for you surely cannot put a price on the memories and experiences that we encompass. Nice thoughts.

BK said...

I certainly cannot imagine what it feels like for a millionaire spending a hundred grand. Or rather, I cannot imagine what it will feel like for him/her but I can only imagine what it will feel like for myself and I can say it will certainly feel good to be doing all the things which I want to do exactly. So it doesn't seem to be about the million bucks but more on whether if what we are doing is what we want to do. So every moment can be a million bucks experience!

Maggie Olson said...

After having recently read The Secret per my roommate's advice, I've found that what you said completely true. Regardless of whatever may happen in our lives, we are still completely in control of our own emotions at any time if we choose to be.

As a result, if one is feeling blue, one can turn this around and feel joy. I've found that the littlest things, like Gail mentioned, are capable of completely revamping my mood. A funny picture, a sweet text message from my boyfriend, a good conversation with my roommate, even finding a dollar in my winter jacket: all of these things can make a huge difference if you just let them.

Happiness is within our control!