Who Are You?


Val said...

Right on.

bometernally said...

Greetings C.Om!

Great Video Clip! This clip addresses the age old question of 'who do we think we are?' Until we start to ask the that question, technically we are "asleep". I remember my spiritual teacher say "Oh Man wake Up!" Until then, I didn't realize that man was asleep. I've been asking this question since I was very young. It has led me on the path of discovering who I am and lead me to my "Guru" and yoga.

Keep the videos and blog post coming!

Blessings to you!

Gail said...

Hi C.Om-
I am SO happy to see you. This is an excellent video you created. Provoking question. And your wisdom is profound. I believe that we are all our "truth" - whatever it is and what we are willing/able to accept - or to use your words - be aware/conscious of. I cannot be who I am if I try to avoid any part of my truth - in any given moment.
Love and peace

C. Om said...


Indeed! It is the beginning of an awakening when one can question everything and truly start lifting the veils of illusion.

I very much appreciate your enthusiasm! And your insight is great. We are not to avoid our truth; we are to embrace and transcend it. Peace is found when there is no longer inner conflict.

Rachel C Miller said...

Who are we? We are many things to many people. We reinvent ourselves throughout our life.On a social level we are being judged, labeled by how we represent ourselves, including hair, clothing, skin color and the list goes on.
Our spiritual being is the part of us that doesn't want to conform. It knows who we are, accepts who we are and likes who we are. It takes courage and commitment to self to release our inner being.

It has been proven that people are biased, prejudice and quick to judge based on the first visual.

Welcome Back To Blogger World. It is cool to know you are getting a better sense of you are. Nice Video work as well.

Liara Covert said...

You are whatever you choose, every moment. How do you view things? What is authentic for you? Let your consciousness expand and inspire you to innovate.