God vs. the Devil?

As a kid, I really bought into the the story and imagery of God who lived in Heaven at war with the Devil who lived in Hell. As I matured and my ability to reason developed, I realized how much utter and complete bullshit this really was! lol!

What would bring me to such a conclusion? It's not so hard to come to this conclusion yourself, if you take a look at all the qualities humanity has assigned to these supernatural entities and you are open to asking yourself a few real questions.

Let's begin with God's qualities. He is the creator of everyone and everything. He is good and just and forgives all. He is eternal, omnipotent, and omnipresent. He is basically Love personified. Now the devil is pretty much the opposite. He tries to oppose good intention and destroy the quality of all life. He personifies all negativity.
Now some questions. Why or how could "God" have enemies if He created everyone and everything including the devil? And what would He supposedly do to His "enemies"? Wouldn't "God" or his angels wielding weapons with murderous intent be a contradiction? How could "God" ever feel slighted or vengeful? Doesn't that sound like people trying to project their own feelings of in adequacy onto a being too grand to ever feel that way? How can Love personified ever be hateful? How can an intelligence as complex as the Creator who made the stars in the sky and the bio-machinery that makes your cells function really care for such triviality?

What would the devil feel about those who support himself and his ideals? Love possibly? More contradiction? If the devil succeeded in destroying all that is good, then what? Would there even be a point? Is what "God" would do with his wife considered sin?

We could go on with questions like these, but you probably get the point. There are way too many holes in the dogma for me to take it seriously. I came to the conclusion a while back that heaven & hell are actually frames of mind and the traditional views and explanations of "God" & the devil are two sides of the same coin. Neither exist without or outside the mind of man. Both images and ideas only have as much power as you give them.

If you dwell on being god-like, you will act as you believe God acts, working for the greater good of all and life will feel heavenly. If you submit to your lower instincts and allow yourself to stay in low spirits, you'll be doing the devil's work and life will feel hellish.

You would be the vehicle for either force to act. The choice and the power is always yours.

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Ta Wan said...

Well put indeed.

I'm expecting a post to emerge from me with a similar view on duality and non-duality. How non-duality is the only possible way of pure being and that duality is the mind taking control. Even the so called pure view of I-Am is tainted if that I is seen to be an I in a fake world and not I, the totality. Such tricks religions offer.

The God-Devil duality is such a simplistic method to tie up peoples minds. It is and was more so in the past a superbly powerful method used by the church to rally people around them and validate their claims of "come here, pay yer money, and you'll be saved - don't come, don't pay and the devil will fuck you up!"

Shit here's $50, keep that devil off me.

Gail said...

I have thought of you often. I hope your Christmas season was loving and kind and that the New Year is full of hope.
Strong post which will require I re-read it several times.
Love to you

C. Om said...

*Ta Wan,
Much appreciated.

I agree. 'I am' must include the 'I' & the 'not I.' And yes, the church's 'us vs. them' mentality has worked great for centuries. Governments love to use this tactic as well. I'm glad to see good sense seeming to make a turn around in more and more people's minds!

Good to see you. :-)

My holidays were very nice & I am as hopeful and full of energy as ever! Thank you! I trust all is well with you.

Please do re-read. There is no devil to fear. Only fear itself.

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

You know you are going to Hell don't you! LMFAO!!!

Good post C.Om...it took years for me to get over this fear as it was ingrained in my mind at such an early age. Waking up and being able to 'see' through all of this was lifesaving. I hope your post helps many see through this delusion of god vs devil.

Hands palm to palm

C. Om said...

Funny thing is a lot of people will feel like I am being radical in my views and that I am literally "going to hell" when I die. Ironically, when you see things as I do, you will act and live even more righteously.

It took me years to over come the traditional view as well. But I'm glad I did. And I encourage others to see the truth as well. :-)

Rachel C Miller said...

Even as a child I thought of God and Devil as simply a translation problem as you can clearly see that Evil exist in the word devil and God is missing the O which I think was the D in Devil to make the word good. The fact is no matter what stories exist or how you interpret it Good and Evil Exist. They are at battle each moment of an hour and what side you chose to be on is clearly up to each individual. You would be in denial to say that it does exist, it exist as clearly as love and hate, as I believe they too are empowered by good and evil.

C. Om said...

I can see and agree with your point of view Rachel. Especially with the translation of God = Good minus an O and Devil = Evil minus the D. When I say the Devil doesn't exist, I mean as a physical being & that good & evil are always really relative to an individuals own personal point of view. A person, for example, could a terrorist in one person's eyes & a freedom fighter in the eyes of another. Check out some of the related posts for further views on this.

Rachel C Miller said...

There is old movie called the "Planet of the Apes" one line stands out in that movie to me " Ape don't kill ape" there is no justification freedom fine, soldier etc. for killing one another. So much energy put into negativity. Violence is not condone in domestic abuse or in children why is it in condoned for grown men at war? Because evil exist!

Anonymous said...

So, as an atheist, you basically live your life as if nothing were a miracle; that there is no such thing as synchronicity or fate; that a swiftly answered prayer is but a coincidence; that each individual life of an exquisite animal or seed pod or snowflake or flower is not a unique and miraculous creation created by a omnipotent being beyond our comprehension; that Jesus/Yeshua never existed; and that the thousands of near-death experiences relating of life after death are all false hallucinations?

What a sad, gray hopeless world you live in... not to know the splendor and perfect love of God and His Son, and what's waiting in the Afterlife.

Just out of curiosity, you might read "Gospel of the Holy 12" which are the original teachings of Jesus.

C. Om said...

@Rachal C. Miller: It exists if you believe in it, yes! I simply choose to see that side of the perspective as growing pains bringing about a greater GOOD.

@Anonymous: You are sadly mistaken about my perspective. I'm not an atheist. I see God in everyone & everything. Every single passing moment and expeience is a miracle. We actually have very similar perspectives on ife. The difference between you and I, is that I do ot limit my beliefs to seeing God as existing in only one form, but all forms. And that includes the so-called "devil" who could not exist if God did not allow it.

sewa mobil said...

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Michael Lydon said...

Heh. That's funny. I once used one of your blog posts to illustrate my visit with the God of this World and how I am an Agnostic. It was your excellently written "It's All Good Intention - It's All God Intention" article. Superb thinking and on point writing there!

Look, your beliefs are not required. I've NEVER believed and I've been to Hell's Battlefield (June 17th 1999), outer darkenesse (Dec 17th 2006), and the bottomlesse pitte (March 17th 2009). I'm a 31 year old lifelong Agnostic who has had a lifetime of Divine Revelations that I didn't understand until a Whole Love for a little two year old boy named Gabriel gave Understandings to lifelong Visions.

Don't believe it. I certainly wouldn't. It sounds out there.

If I am to reveal any more here, however, I have a few questions for you to ponder: do you ever feel that burning energy in your chest when you're angry? How about that emptiness after a heartbreak or loss of a loved one? Now how would one describe that burning energy?

The Bible is a picture book story for Children. Stress not, my friend. Bowing down in submission as a slave before God is NOT the way! God Is Love, Liberty, Grace (Whole Forgiveness), Compassion (Whole Mercy), Joy (Whole Happiness), Hope (Light Bringing Sight), Longsuffering (Eternal Patience), and Is Perfect. Now this Perfect Being Desires that ALL of us be "Saved".

Most religions (I can't stand any of them to be honest with you) say that Eternal Perfect Desires aren't going to get the Desire. The message of those who have belief most often makes NO sense!

Everybody has their own beliefs in Babylon. The Truth, however, is in short supply.

Keep your eyes open. Beliefs are often little boxes limiting Sight. Believe in what you KNOW! Have Faith (Eternal Strength) in what you believe in and Know.

Have a good day.

Michael Lydon said...

Whoa...that should actually be March 17th 2011. This year! I need to learn how to proof read better. That was the day of when I was figuring out the Eternal Powers (Guidance over temporary control, Influence over temporary force, and Belief over temporary obedience) and I heard, "you're figuring it out" and turned to see an IMMEDIATELY recognizable Cherubic face ethereally floating over my friend Michael's. (Nothing like the pictures say that he is supposed to look like. He's a Cherub. They have babyish faces.) We had a conversation where he told me "I am God of this World. I have ruled for 4,000 years." whereupon my first thought was, "whoa, never heard of that name and I thought that the Christians said 6,000." And then,...as my friends Michael and Joseph helped me fall, I fell & fell & fell & fell in complete darkness. I was in the bottomlesse pitte.

More to come later maybe. I didn't even get to the good parts yet. It's one HELL of a story! If anything, it's interesting reading. I saw how the blog owner asked if anybody has been to Heaven or Hell and back. Well,...I've never been to Heaven that I can remember, but I've been to Hell and I can tell you what the picture of energy of those multiple 17th of the month Divine Revelations are about.

But if you already have beliefs that it's all BS based on preconceived notions from other people who haven't the Damnedest clue to begin with, then there's no point.

I'm a different one. I ask others to NOT believe me. Just consider it and keep one's eyes open. That's the ONLY way as far as I'm concerned.

iklan baris gratis said...

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Dante McAuliffe said...

True indeed. The dichotomy of god/devil is too simplistic and imperfect a system to truly believe. The contradictions this idea presents lead to hypocricy and confusion among believers and the dualistic representation of it all has done more harm than good.