What Would Jesus Do?

The question itself is a hint at something a lot of people have never dared to think of. Choices make us who we are more than anything else. And if we posses the ability to choose what Jesus(/Buddha/any other religious figurehead) would do in a given situation, we already have them within us.

In other words, by choosing the godly way to act, we become more god like ourselves. This is true for any type of behavior. If a person went around with a, "What would a thief do?" mind set, they would take on the attributes of a thief. If a person went around with a, "What would a scholar do?" mind set, they would take on the attributes of a scholar. And so on.

They say that man was made in the image of God. But it can't be denied that the image of God was made by man. No matter how you look at it, what we think of God had to be observed and interpreted by people. Therefore all images and ideas of God are man made.

To take it even further, God and man are one. The perception and sense of God that man has is but a reflection of himself. When he asks himself, "What would Jesus do?", he is literally speaking to his God-self consciousness. Whatever his impression of God's teachings is, he will act on that.

Appreciate the fact that your Higher Intelligence is always with you. It will continue to grow and guide you as you give it more attention.

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Ta Wan said...

My friend often says "we don't need more buddhists and christians, we need more buddhas and christs"

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Ta Wan is right. Awakening to the reality we are the buddha, the christ,etc is the way...and choices become easier. We need no longer worry about what choice to make...I am sure the apple doesn't worry about when to let go of the tree...or is it the other way around?

Mark said...

Very well said and true. God and us are one and we can choose to travel the path and make choices based on the greater good. We create, we are responsible and accountable. Once we truly buy into this we then live a noble life.

C. Om said...

Ta Wan
Exactly! Nail on the head!

Sounds like a "chicken or the egg" question. :-) But I get the picture.

Couldn't agree more!

Paul Maurice Martin said...

How is it possible to know that we choose anything? Who would choose to be unhappy and unwise while fully comprehending the goodness of real happiness and wisdom?

What if everyone is doing the best they can in a broken world?

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Very nice advice, C.Om! :D

Once I read this advice in Osho's book; "Be God, everything that is, you create". It is one of the most effective way to train the mind to be mindful.

Thanks for sharing this--this should be a big help! :)

C. Om said...

Everyone is doing the best that they can, though the world isn't broken. No one would choose to be unhappy if they knew how to be happy. The issue is, they don't know how (yet). Experience is the best teacher.

It's possible to know if you can choose because you can FEEL the difference in your life experience when you make choices.

I haven't read Osho's material yet, but from what I've seen, he delivers the same message. Much appreciated! :-)