Realizing Life

Ever been indoors for a while and have the urge to go out and get some fresh air? It can feel great to get a quick change of scenery, break up some daily monotony, or just to feel the breeze.

Ever think about the fact that when your outdoors, you are still always inside?

No matter where you are, where you have been, or any where possible that you may go, you are still always inside.
Inside what? You are always within your field of perception, your perspective, your window to the worlds. This window gives you a great view of your exterior world and of the world with in.

You start realizing life to much greater degrees when you can see that the outside world only exists to us because we are always inside. In other words, there is no outside. Both what we perceive out here and with in are created and experienced with in.

Just as the dream and the dreamer; one can not exist with out the other; leading us to understand that with out you, there is no "out there!"

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Ta-Wan said...

Ah ha! Glad to have you back posting. Hope the break was good for you.

When I do think, it is things like this. We are in the mind itself. Almost like if you reached the extremes of space you would hit the inside of your own skull.

Word Verification: fookeri (no joke)

C. Om said...

Thank you Tao! Everything is good! (but then again, it always is!)

I agree, we are in, and of the mind itself. We are beings existing both physically and non physically. The brain is the material counterpart to the formless mind. And the mind is infinite!

Carolyn R. Parsons said...

Great post...all true...


Ta-Wan said...

How about this..

The mind can be seen as the air filling the open sky.

Our mind is the air inside a hot air balloon (open at the bottom - so joined but separate)

The ego then is the flame at the bottom of the hot air balloon that stirs the mind up into the balloon.

Overly inflated, hot headed, big head, full of hot air... all make sense :D

Rizal Affif said...

Hi C. Om... another great post! :)

Yes, to a degree, I realize that inside and outside are ultimately one. Isn't separation simply an illusion? So inside, and outside, are actually One... and I am simply looking at Myself :D

Gail said...


So good to see you again. Well, I, over time realized that my view is only as vast as my experiences - and I am open to seeing through others views and thus their experience which takes me outside myself to a degree - filters are just that, filters and we all have them. I am actually thankful that my 'view' is simply my view and I attach no greater or lesser meaning to it than those around me - I try to respect other views, vantage points and never see anyone or myself as right or wrong - just different.

love to to you

C. Om said...

Much appreciated ;-)

I'm feeling that analogy! The great thing about the ego is that as the mind expands and realizes it's connectedness to everything, it will also bring the ego up through the levels of consciousness and transform it as well.

With in the analogy, it's like the hot air burner being able to stir up the air both inside and outside the balloon. :-D

Exactly! The separation is an illusion and all that we perceive is indeed a reflection of ourselves.

Appreciate your insight! :-D

Good to see you too Gail! :-)
Being open to the perspective of others not only makes you more harmonious with your own surroundings, but also allows fluidity and growth within your own perspective. And people tend to give you their "better side" when they can share rather than defend their views.
Way to be! :-D

Unknown said...

Hello C. Om,

It's nice to discover this great blog of yours.

'As within, so without' comes to mind.

In my own experience, having stilled the conditioned thinking mind, perception becomes clearer. In fact I have found that when I experienced a shift of perception out of discursive thinking and into the natural state of alert stillness, I experienced pure and clear perception; but the realization was that this state was and is what I have always been!

As the mind becomes more and more still, so the perception, within and without, becomes clearer; and gradually one sees things as they really are.

A great post, many thanks for sharing,

Doug '1yogi2many' McMillan

C. Om said...

Thank you Doug!
It's great to have you!

Your insight is much appreciated and a testimony to the amazing beings that we truly are.

One of the awesome benefits of this ever increasing perception is the ever increasing quality of life that comes along with it!