What Is Really Real?

First video blog entry. More to come very soon.


Gail said...


excellent video - very well put together-presented-with great sound and message and challenge.

I believe that 'real' is in our ability to accept truth.....and I don't have any BIG questions only little awakening answers - I recall, while in the delivery room with my daughter - and her baby was 'born still' - the steel silence was wrenching - and then, as we laid over her, waiting-praying - there was a sound, a "real" sound - it was him, her son-Jacob - whimpering and coming back to life - his return was "real"....

love to you

anne partain said...

Wow, great composition! I'll be looking for more to come! Great teaching tool! I love the matrix, I watch it so often that I never even put it in the cabinet. Is that you at the end in the striped shirt?

Mike Fish said...

Hi C.Om,
Thank you for making this video.
I´m looking forward to see the next delivery!

molly said...

Really well done! Love it.

C. Om said...

Thank you Gail. I appreciate the feedback. And I'm glad to hear that Jacob is with us on this ride. :-)

Thank you Anne. And yes, that's me. :-)

Thanks Mike. Your interest is appreciated!

Thanks Molly. It's new to me, but I love it too. :-)

bometernally said...

Greetings C.Om! Needless to say, you have surpassed yourself!! Great footage. Clear and to the point. If I was not already reading your posts and your book, this would make me want to.

Love it as well and look forward to more!

Rachel C Miller said...

I really like it, I had contemplated making a video, but I have been procrastinating. Keep up the good work.

Val said...

Great work. Thank you for this!

Val said...

Are you cool with me posting this on my blog?

C. Om said...

Thank you for all for your kind words and encouragement. I appreciate you and this experience.

And Val, please feel free to post. It's all love :-)