Sky High

I get high. I get sky high. I get high from simply bringing my attention toward the sky. It might sound crazy, but it is my experience.

When I say 'high', I mean feel really good. But words describing it will not do it justice. 'High' is also describing the higher vibration or frequency spirit is on. Just as when anyone is feeling stressed by anything, they feel down, heavy, burdened, etc.; these all describe spirit experiencing a lower frequency. Feeling high, of course, is feeling relief, freedom, joy, even physically charged up, and feeling energy flow through you.

What's the connection with feeling high and the sky? It's because whether we are conscious of it or not, we are identifying with the vast and empty space. In the reality that we are all familiar with, there is no better place to see wide open space than the sky. And the vastness of it is a reflection of the infinite space we have with in.

For me, looking up at the sky will be a constant reminder of the enormity of Being and the stillness that is always there. As a result, my mind slows and quiets and I am able to literally feel high. Sky high.


Gail said...

Hi C Om

Beautiful words - images - feelings.

Oh yes, "sky high"!!!! And like you, I know it well. :-) You did a superb job at describing it, superb, indeed.

Love Gail

Mark said...

Very good! Yes we can lose ourselves in the vastness and lightness of the sky. I have the same experience with water such as oceans and rivers. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

anne partain said...

Nice, as we open to ourselves, isn't it so wonderful how we realize the splendor in the manifest. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's like we can share it with you!

Liara Covert said...

You are perpetually high on life. The mind and soul are aligning to enable you to be conscious of your baseline state. A person needs no drugs to experience incredible lightness of being. Just be present. Choose to be aware of unconditional love and self-acceptance. That is you.

molly said...

Kind of like remembering that which we already are...

Rizal Affif said...

That really explains... why I do love the sky :)

So thoughtful. Thx!

Rizal Affif said...

BTW, please allow me to put your blog link on mine :)

Eldrix said...

nice words c om

C. Om said...

Thank you Gail. :-)

Oceans and rivers are great reflections too! Thanks Mark

True indeed! Thank you Anne

Thank you Liara. Insight is right on target.


*Rizal Affif
Absolutely! And thank you. :-)

Much appreciated.


I like looking at the sky, too! :-) There's just something so awesome with that deep blue and openness.