The time is NOW.

The present is a gift.

There is no time like the present.

There is no time... like the present.

There is no time. Only the present.

There is nothing but the gift.


Tao said...

The slightly naff way of saying it is;

The future is a mystery,
The past is history.
Today is a gift,
and that is why it is called the present.

But the truth beyond the words here is startling and shocking and life changing once it has been fully grocked.

I was born now, will die now, am dead now, alive now, now is so powerful as to contain the infinite.

Have you seen my here now post?

C. Om said...

I hadn't seen the post until I read this comment, but I'm not surprised.

Open minds (which allow greatness) think alike! ;)

Mark said...

Very good! Now is all there is!

C. Om said...

Thanks Mark. Enjoy the moment!